All about JSON file extensions

JSON can be used for storing simple data structures and objects in JavaScript Object Notation format. It is a standard data interchange format and is used by developers from all across the world. JSON files are basically used for transmitting data between a server and a web application. These files are text-based human readable files and you can edit these files using any text editor you want to.

A brief history of JSON:

There was a certain time when there was a need for real-time server to client communication. This actually led to the creation of the JSON format. It was first used in 2001 and since then, there has been a massive development to the JSON file format. Today, it is a standard file format that is used by many modern programming languages. It is also quite lightweight and requires less formatting. It can be considered to be a really good alternative for the XML files.

JSON Syntax:

JSON data is basically written in key value pairs. The key and value are separated by means of a colon. The key is specified on the left side and the value on the right side. Different key value pairs are again separated in the file by using a comma. The key is basically a string that is surrounded by double quotation. The value can either be a number, a string, a Boolean, an array or an object. You can also use JSON objects in nested formats in order to represent the actual structure of the data.

Use of .json files 

While there are a lot of applications that can make use of JSON for data entry,  they do not actually save the .json files on the hard drive. This is because the data interchange mostly occurs between the Internet-connected computers. However, there are some applications as well that do allow you to save .json files. One application is Google+. Mozilla Firefox also saves the bookmark backups by using JSON files. It is also used in ajax web applications.

How do you open a JSON file?

As JSON files are plain text files you will easily be able to open them using any text editor you want to:

  • Microsoft Notepad for Windows
  • Vim for Linux
  • Apple TextEdit for Mac

This was all about JSON file extensions. For further details, you may get in touch with us.