All You Need To Know About Cloud Hosting Security

If you compare all the hosting plans in India, Cloud Hosting has evolved as the most preferred one across different types of websites. This is because of the benefits offered by a Cloud Hosting Server, like instant resource scalability, cost-efficiency, reliability, etc. However, being a new technology, many site owners have been unsure if Cloud Hosting is secure since they have no control over the webserver. 

Today, we will be talking about security in Cloud Web Hosting and help you make the decision to buy Cloud Hosting for your site.

In Cloud Hosting, a network of servers is utilized to host your site data. The best Cloud Hosting providers ensure that the websites perform optimally.

Cloud Hosting Security

If you have used a web server that was hosted in-house, then you would be accustomed to the idea of having complete control over it. When you move your site to a Cloud Hosting Server for better features, the feeling of lack of control can be worrying. However, it is important to remember that Cloud Hosting has been designed to be highly secure and reliable, with most providers offering you complete control over your site’s data. 

Here is all you need to know about Cloud Hosting security:

  1. Cloud Hosting providers ensure that they deploy the latest security tools to identify threats and eliminate them before they can impact the server and the site.
  2. With DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks becoming common across websites, most Cloud Hosting providers offer a firewall that works as the first line of defence against such attacks. 
  3. Most Cloud Hosts offer Managed Cloud Hosting services where a technical team manages the security of the server and your site. This team goes through vulnerability scan logs and identifies loopholes. They ensure that these loopholes are patched before being exploited.
  4. Data mirroring is another excellent security feature of Cloud Hosting where your site’s data is mirrored across the cloud network. This helps to add redundancy and security to your site.
  5. Most Cloud Hosts offer automatic site backups to help you create an additional safety net and the last line of defence against data loss due to any reason. While it is recommended that site owners take backups, too, this feature helps in making Cloud Hosting highly secure.

While Cloud Hosting is designed to offer top-notch security, it is important to remember that not all providers are the same. Hence, before buying a Cloud Hosting plan, check the security measures put in place by the host and choose the one the suits your site’s requirements. 

You can also check out the following video for a detailed guide to Cloud Hosting security:

Summing Up

When it comes to web hosting, site security is a highly crucial aspect.  If your site has regular security issues, then it can lose customers, get a bad reputation, and lose crucial SEO points. Before you buy a Cloud Hosting plan, assess your site’s hosting requirements, compare Cloud Hosting solutions, and choose the best plan for your site. Good Luck!