An Honest Assessment Of Foamex Boards For Advertising Use

We have talked enough about how Foamex has established the fact that it has properties that make it incredibly easy to print on. The molecular structure of a Foamex board makes it distinctively flat and even and although you get coloured Foamex sheets as well when it comes to choosing a white surface to print your design on this material really provides well. Generally printing onto Foamex board means that your image will have a matt effect, however, if you want to make sure that your image stands out more and want to make it look glossy then you can opt for applying a UV varnish to your hoarding printing. Not only will this make your image look glossy, it will also add that touch of extra protection that will protect it against fading when used as an outside hoarding.

Cutting to the chase here, if your requirement is that of an outside hoarding printing then as compared to other materials such as cardboard etc. of Foamex board is extremely durable. You can leave it out in the rain, you can leave it out in the sun whatever the condition outside might be, it is going to survive it like a champ. For lightweight Foamex printing, you can opt for the various thicknesses that it comes in – 5MM Foamex board is generally suitable for lightweight printing however if you want to go for something much more study of outdoor usage you can also opt for 10 MM board. Apart from this, there is something that you will notice and other materials when exposed to outdoor elements like sun for a long period of time, you will notice that other materials tend to shrink or bend their shape — a Foamex board, on the other hand, will not do that. A word of caution however would be that, if exposed to the sun for a long period of time the only thing that might go wrong is that the print will start to fade — having said that however given the fact that marketing materials need to be updated on a regular basis this might be something you might not have to worry about after all. Did you also mention that it is fire resistant – a Foamex board is generally given a higher rating of class one which implies that it is non inflammable and is not prone to combustion.

Last but not least, we cannot innumerate enough upon the fact of how easy a Foamex board is to work with. From altering its shape in various ways by cutting or milling it can also be moulded that is it can be bent at either spectrum of the temperatures. Apart from this, you can put in screws or metal hooks and it is also extremely easy to glue. Given its versatility, it has various uses and purposes that it can be employed for, for example, you can use it as display board, hanging items as well as the classic forwarding printing which it is actually used a lot for. Hence, even though we have talked about Foamex board a lot it still is needless to say that when you are on the lookout for a versatile material that is so easy to work with and print upon that is also a cost-effective a Foamex board really has to be your first choice.