An Overview On The Fashion Capital Of Germany: Dusseldorf 

Sophisticated Dusseldorf, a regional centre for banking, advertisement and fashion, is professional at its core, but it is also a city that has fun, culture and modernity. Under the radar, tourists and most visitors to Germany choose to explore the large urban areas of Berlin, Munich and its emulator, Cologne. But this safe and elegant city deserves the most attention with the cobbled Altstadt (old town) by the river. There are about 250 beer houses and pubs here, many of which give exclusive versions of the city’s most beloved beers: alternative beers, an enviable art and fashion scene, as well as modern and postmodern architecture, most notably the sparkling twisted façade for which de la Frank Gehry designed the NeuerZollhof at the port of Dusseldorf.

When should you visit Dusseldorf?

    • Winters in Dusseldorf are moderately cold, with temperatures often fluttering around freezing; the summer is warm, although rarely uncomfortable. It is better for walking. However, rains are common, so be prepared. The tourist season takes place in summer (July and August). 
    • Dusseldorf is at its most picturesque during the annual February carnival, which draws crowds of non-participants. Altbier flows more smoothly than ever at this time, and street parties break out on Monday roses (Rosenmontag) as swarms of floating people, many targeting current politicians, roam the streets in a grand parade. You can hire the services of escorts Dusseldorfwho can tag along with you if you are alone on a business trip. 
  • If you are unable to attend the Düsseldorf Carnival Celebration, there is another more casual alternative: the Christmas market, which has a magical atmosphere. From November 22 to December 30 this year, wooden huts appear on the festive squares of the city, selling hot chocolate, gifts and gluwein (pickled wine). 

How to get around in the city?

Dusseldorf has a reliable and relatively inexpensive public transportation system run by Reinbahn. The tourist-oriented DusseldorfCard is renowned for unlimited travel by bus, tram and train at no additional cost (including S-Bahn) within the city’s Zone A. It also allows you to get free or reduced admission to shops at the tourist information centre kiosks, Rheinbahn customers, service centres and preferred hotels.

Art and fashion in Dusseldorf

The state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is rich in Rhine joie de vivre, art, fashion and architecture. The city on the Rhine has been dedicated to the fine arts from the very beginning. 

In the middle of the 20th century, Düsseldorf became the centre of fashion. Showcased on Königsallee, Düsseldorf’s prestigious boulevard, Düsseldorf’s creative scene is located in the adjoining Lorettostrasse district and in the restored harbour that was once a showcase of modern architecture, great since 2001.

Dusseldorf, with its ancient traditions and growing creative scene, is not getting the praise it deserves. Medieval squares and contemporary art make the capital of this region an attractive and unique place to explore. Thanks to the excellent public transport network from trams and trains, it is easy to explore this dense city.Along with Dusseldorf, you can also get the escort service cologne