Answer these 5 questions before ordering pizza online

Pizza parties are preferred by everyone regardless of age and gender. Its cheesy and gooey slice makes anyone drool over it. Thus, planning a pizza party is the best decision for family, guests, and relatives. If you have an event planned you can ask these questions in advance to ensure your order is well-thought and well-planned.

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5 questions to ask before placing a pizza order:

  1. What is the number of people you are ordering for?
  • Count the number of people you want to order pizza for. Without a proper count, you wouldn’t know anything else such as your budget to plan the party, approximate bill, order quantity, etc… For larger groups, you can choose between bulk party orders or large size pizzas. You may discuss the same with the outlet by reaching out to them directly on call or online.
  1. What are the preferences of the guests?
  • How closely do you know your loved ones? It matters as you must know their taste and preferences for pizzas. Not everyone loves the taste of mushrooms or macaroni. If you are inviting a large group and unsure of their likes as well as dislikes; the best thing to go for would be something that is commonly loved by everyone. For instance, no one would deny a classic pan cheese burst pizza or a typical cheesy margherita pizza.
  1. Check for the types of crust?
  • Choose from a range of crusts for your loved ones. You must choose something that is healthy from the bottom and tasty on the top. For instance, a crispy thin crust is easy to chew and light on the belly. Cheese toppings are anyway going to enhance the taste of your pizza.
  1. Do the guests have any special request?
  • If you don’t wish to take total control of pizza ordering, involve your guests and loved ones to suggest a few good options. Ask them questions and allow them to suggest you any good toppings on the pizza. You may also ask if the guests have any special requests in case someone suffers from food allergies.
  1. What brand should I order from?
  • Brands like Double Pizza Montreal have some of the best party options in town.