Appetizer food and its importance

What is an Appetizer?

An Appetizer is a small meal which is served before the main course meal. The purpose of serving an appetizer was to stimulate the appetite to eat the meal ahead.

History of Appetizers

The pre-meal culture has evolved through different origins world-wide. They were served to occupy the mind and belly while the dinning guests wait for the Main course that will satisfy their hunger to the fullest. The Ancient Romans and Greeks served the best of Appetizers in the form of seasoned vegetables, Fish, Cheese and Olives before their meals.

Americans evolved the theme by placing appetizers throughout the meal as a palate refresher. Styles of serving appetizers changed radically in the 19th Century through Multicourse meals. The term Appetizer seems to have appeared nearly simultaneously in America and England in 1860s, to provide an English equivalent to French Hors D’oeuvers.

Types of Appetizers

  • Cocktails
  • Hors D’oeuvers
  • Canapé
  • Relishes/Crudité
  • Salads
  • Soup & Consommé
  • Chips & Dips

Home Ready Appetizers

Canapé is a bite-sized or 2-bite sized finger food consisting of three parts:-

  • A base
  • A spread or topping
  • Garnish or Garniture

They are savoury titbits of food. They could be served hot or cold. You can find several Appetizer food for home parties. Itis one of the neatest and easiest to prepare at home and serve beautifully.

Christmas and Appetizer

Christmas has a link with appetizers in various forms like in Banista. In Bulgaria Banista is served as Bulgarian Breakfast and Dessert Pastry, one sweet type is particularly famous in Christmas Times. Let your guests appreciate your cooking skills and increase the bon-appetite to relish the main course.

This Christmas and New Year serve your guests with wonderful delicacies of Appetizers in different forms like Cocktails, Canape, Salads, Chips and Dips etc. Appetizer food plays an important role in restaurants menus too by increasing the variety and giving a colourful lustre to the table.


Appetizers are finger foods usually served before a meal, or In-between mealtimes, and are also called Hors D’oeuvers, antipasti or Starters, and may range from a very simple to the very complex, depending upon the occasion and the time devoted in making them. They’re a common accompaniment to aperitifs; cocktails served before a meal. The purpose of existence of appetizers is to increase the appetite of people to enjoy the full meal ahead. They are really very delicious and healthy for you.