Art has always been a very important part of our lives. It is time and again used as a powerful weapon to fight against the environmental crimes.

In the past, there are many instances where the power of art have been put to use to save the environment. It is an effective tool used for a great cause. It is true that history repeats itself. “Art for a good cause” is using art as a tool to save the environment.

The main purpose of Art for a Good Cause is to provide a common a platform to all the artists This stage gives them the chance to talk about different forms of art like Global warming, Kids and social media,  youth and tobacco etc. these are important issues that are being addressed with the help of art.

The Main Driving Force behind This Initiative

The person behind this great initiative is Jiblin George who happens to be a global warming artist. He is a talented artist from Kerala, India who have learned everything on his own. He is been working on creating beautiful art pieces from 2012. Currently, he resides in USA, Texas. His aim is to use art for a good cause. Although this phrase have been used numerous times in the past, no one ever has brought so many artists on the same platform.

This initiative was started to show people the hypocrisy in society. Jibin noticed the changes in humans. He saw how people have become more and more selfish these days. Through this initiative, he wants show people how their selfish nature can be harmful for the environment. He wants them to understand how their actions are leading to pollution, global warming, tobacco and other such problems.

Role of Art

Art is considered to be a very powerful medium of expression. It is used by people and artists all over the world to communicate with each other. It has the power to transcend barriers. Art has helped people from different races, cultures and backgrounds to come together to contribute to a greater cause.