Artsy T-shirts: Imagine & Wear


Whoever said that fashion is just a shallow or superficial matter couldn’t be farther from the truth. As the famous singer and actress Victoria Justice once said, “there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear”.  This is the core idea behind the growing trend of getting arts mixed in the field of fashion.

Art as we have known it for a long time, is a variety of methods used by artist of many different kinds to express whatever ideas they might come up with. Whenever we think about classic arts, we tend to think about whatever we can usually find by walking down an aisle on a museum or a theater; sculptures, paintings, poems, ancient operas, among others, are what most of people think about when talking about this topic, but, are they the only ones that have been around since society started?

As a matter of appearances, fashion is mostly treated as a secondary thing when it comes to considering forms of art, however, is there a more visible way to talk about who you really art without having to say a word?.  As the world renowned    fashion icon and designer Carolina Herrera says, “The difference between fashion and art is that fashion is art in movement”.

Fashion for daily basis: the power of a good first impression

It can be said that fashion is, in fact, another way of art, thus meaning that it is a powerful way to express ideas about who you are as a person just by walking into a place. Whether we like it or not, we’re being constantly judged by others in different ways.

In a general sense, our society has become more aware of the power of a good impression. Whether it be a job interview, a project exposure, a date or a hangout with friends (even if it is through a webcam chat as things are right now), most people will be wanting to give a  good (or at least a correct) first impression.

In this matter, artistic tshirts have become an easy way for people to express themselves in a non-verbal way. Different combinations of colors, styles, and even original designs made by the person who is wearing them; all of these are characteristics that can’t be found in a tshirt bought in a store.

Thought this might sound expensive for some, it is actually a good way to save some money (as good quality blank t-shirts are easy to find and even be bought in batches) and decoration services are rarely as expensive as buying one single piece in a clothing store, and also gives the person way more freedom so they don’t have to settle with what they see. They can wear what they imagine.