It might look like a waste of time and energy when assembling a tool or a kit. But, do you know that you can successfully assemble your Berkey pro care maintenance kit by yourself? Yes, you can achieve that when you follow the below steps to assemble a Berkey filters system. It only takes 5-10 minutes, and everything is set up when you do so.  You can buy a maintenance kit from USA Berkey Filters.

Therefore, read on to find out how you can assemble a Berkey filter system.

How to Assemble Berkey Filter Without a Tool

The below is a step-by-step guide on assembling a Berkey system Without tools and within 5-10 minutes.

  • The lib knob should be attached.
  • In the threaded spigot part, you will insert a washer.
  • In the hole of the lower Chamber, insert the spigot and turn it to 9 o’clock position.
  • In the threaded part of the spigot that is the lower Chamber, you will insert a washer.
  • Use a nut to secure the spigot.
  • From the inside, you will hold the nut and then turn the spigot in an upright position.
  • Next, the holes that you are not using install the plugs inside.
  • The filtration element should be primed.
  • For the upper chamber holes, you need to install filters while using wing nuts and washers. But be cautious that you do not over-tighten the filters.
  • The upper Chamber should be placed on top of the Chamber that is lower.
  • You should use water to fill the upper Chamber.
  • Then, you will place the lid on top.
  • Then use priming- it is required that before using black Berkey, you need to prime it. Although it is a bit complicated
  • The circular priming button needs to be located that is contained in the box.
  • In the threaded stem of the filtered element, you will need to press the button.
  • On the top against your kitchen faucet, you need to use absolute care to press the filter with the priming button.
  • At a slow pace, turn the cold water on so that it can flow inside.
  • You will have to wait for a moment for it to start running down the side of the filter.
  • Then, hold on for another 5seconds, and with the next element, repeat the process.

If you are using PF-2 fluoride elements, there is a different process to follow. Which are-:

  • washing of the exterior with a mild soap.
  • Then you will remove the blue caps from the end.
  • Chose any end and placed the priming button on top of the filter
  • Against your faucet, press the purging button up.
  • You Should turn on the cold water slowly.
  • Then, hold on for some minute for the water to start coming out from the other end of the filter and rinse away dust from the media.
  • If the water is not clear, do not discharge, so allow the water to discharge until the water has become clean and clear.
  • The filter should be turned upside down and repeat the process.
  • In each direction, purge the elements more than one time.


With the above, you can create successfully assembly your Berkey filter within 5-10 minutes. It is not difficult as you think; all you need to do is to set aside time to assemble it in the right way.