Astonishing Essential Oils Uses around the House People Won’t Believe

People feel happy with the instant result that they get from the products after using it. However, sooner or later, they realise the unfavourable impact in and around area. Be it health or surrounding atmosphere and none can deny this fact. So to overcome these issues, products obtained from natural parts of the plants can prove to be highly beneficial. Let’s take a quick overview of Essential Oil Uses around surrounding and house:

Use it as Home Fragrance

Freshen-up your sweet home with pleasing aroma of pure essential oils? All one need to do is have diffuser and essential oil and add essential oils obtained from Lavender, Rose, Lemon, etc. and feel its awesome aroma around.

Use it to Ward off Bad Shoe Odor

Add a few drops of Lemon essential oil or Tea Tree Oils to a cotton ball and place that on to the shoes. Bad Odor from shoes will vanish and you will not feel embarrassed in front of other due to unpleasant smell.

Use it for Vacuum Cleaner

Cotton balls dipped in pure and natural essential oils when put into a canister or a vacuum cleaner bag will certainly give a fresh aroma to the rug. Isn’t it amazing?

Use to Ward off Flea

It is really very irritating that while cleaning home with vacuum cleaner, flees dances in front of the face. How frustrating it could be, is simply can be imagined at this point of time. Here comes the incredible Essential Oils Uses where it can be used to stop flea flying out of the vacuum cleaner. Simply by adding natural essential oils extracted from Clove, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, etc. into the canister will prevent them from escaping.

If someone wants to get rid of fruit flies then they just need to add at least ten drops of Lemongrass oils into hot water. Spray the mixture around doorways and windows and observe the difference.

Use it to Reduce Drying Time

Blend your favourite organic essential oils to dryer (wool) balls. This will reduce the drying time, soften fabric and reduce static, giving it an awesome smell.

Use to Erase Stains and Unstuck

Worried with stain of permanent market or whiteboard’ stubborn ink bothering you or is someone played a prank with you and has put gum in the hair? No worries at all! Just apply a few drops of Lemon Oils and see the miraculous changes.

Use it as a Paint Picker

Who don’t love a well-painted neat and clean house? But unpleasant paint smells shattering your dream?  Be happy as it is very simple and easy to neutralise these smell. Just add Peppermint oil to the gallon of paint. This will help to ward off bad or unpleasant smell.

Use it for Air Filters

Essential Oils Uses in overcoming microbial issues can’t be denied as these oils possess anti-microbial properties to a great extent. Simply adding Eucalyptus oil or Tea Tree Oils to air filters before installing it will freshen the air, in addition to killing harmful pathogen that sheltered in air ducts.

Use it as Omni-purpose Cleaner

A perfect combination for a perfect purpose! Blend essential oils obtained from Rosemary, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon and Eucalyptus and dilute it with water. The mixture thus, obtained can be used as a household cleaner that are non-toxic in nature. This can also be used at the kid’s feet that will boost their immunity after consulting to the child care specialist.