Auto detailing

Auto detailing comes in all forms and levels.  We can simply do a car wash Minneapolis Minnesota and vac to offer some state of the art coatings that protect your vehicle from dirt, grime, UV, and other contaminants.  These coatings work as a protective layer to your vehicle’s paint and can be applied to just about any exterior surface.  If you are looking at auto detailing you really should take a look at Graphene coating or ceramic coating to protect the exterior of your car.

So there are different coatings?  Yes, there are.  Graphene coating is made from graphene which is one of the strongest materials on the planet.  While graphene coatings have been around since the early 2000s they are simply just starting to hit the market with force.  Many dealerships will offer these special coatings at the dealership.  This is typically an add on service, however, we too offer the same service at much more affordable prices.  Some benefits to graphene coatings are:

  • Easy to apply
  • Improved water beading
  • Anti-dust and static
  • Unsurpassed durability (5-10years)
  • High flexible so they don’t chip or crack while going down the road.

These coatings cannot be applied without having the proper prep done during the auto detailing process.  So, we will have to wash and dry the vehicle and prepare the surface for the coating.

Both ceramic and graphene are very similar in pricing.  However, graphene is really a superior product as the longevity of the coating is much higher than that of ceramic.  Some people simply prefer ceramic as it has been around longer and they are more familiar with it.  Whichever coating you choose, we are happy to apply it for you.  We work with individuals as well as businesses for your auto detailing needs as well as apply these various protective coatings.

With ceramic coatings, you are still susceptible to water spots, to a degree.  It still is better than no coating at all.  It is not as slick as you find with Graphene coating.  This is because the Graphene coating is not only slicker but it also reduces the temperature on the vehicle’s surface, unlike other coatings.  This is also due to the chemical structure found in the Graphene.  The structure is slightly honeycomb and it provides angles to the paint that allow the water to slide off more easily than ever before.

If you are looking to have that high shine added to your vehicle, any protective option will do.  This is one of the other benefits of having such a coating put on your vehicle during the auto detailing process. We work with vehicle owners to discuss their options and what is most beneficial for their current situation.  We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with the results.

Our reputation is important to us and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.  Whether you are here for a simple wash and vac or are looking at the various protective coatings we have to offer, we are here to help.  We work with nothing but the very best products on the market to protect your car’s exterior but we also offer stain resistance options for the interior as well.  Call today and let’s get started making your car beautiful again.