Avoiding Strains and Sprains After Treatment With the Help of a Foot Care Specialist

You are out in the field playing your favorite sport. Suddenly, you take a bad swing and suffer from what appears to be a sprain or strain. The pain is so unbearable that you cannot walk properly. Your coach or fitness expert advises you to seek specialized care because it is a deep-rooted issue. You approach your doctor to recommend the best specialist for sprains and strains in New York.

After going through various profiles of foot care specialists in the region, you narrow your choice to Precision Footcare. The team consists of podiatrists and foot surgeons. Through their knowledge and skills, you leave the facility feeling confident that your problem is over. In addition, they offer tips to help you avoid such future occurrences through the recommended practices outlined below:

  1. Warm-up before exercising and cool down afterward

Your body responds to movements in unique ways. Sudden or repetitive movements can cause strains and sprains. Warm-up before exercising and cooling down afterward can prevent your body from encountering shock due to sudden movement.

Another way to prevent strains and sprains is by practicing a wide range of movements. For example, if you are a footballer, use a whole range of movements, including kicking the ball forward and backward. You can also use your chest to receive the ball, not your foot, all the time. If you are an athlete, try different terrains, speeds, and heights. If you use the same speed and terrain all the time, you could suffer a strain.

  1. Ensure your shoes are ergonomically designed for your type of sports

Shoes meant for sports are different from your office shoes. Even if the latter seems comfortable, avoid wearing them when engaging in sports. You should also ensure they fit properly. They should neither be too tight to limit your movement nor too loose to keep your feet unbalanced.

  1. Practice exercises that strengthen your foot muscles and tendons

As an athlete, you need to adopt exercises that strengthen your knees and feet. They include squats, leg lifts, press-ups, and lunges. If you engage in sports requiring you to use your shoulders, do light weights and lateral lifts.

  1. Be versatile in your training

One of the leading causes of strains and sprains is repetitive motions. For example, if you are a baseball player, you use your hand to swing the bat. If you do this more often, you might end up with a strain or a strain. To prevent that from happening, you can train smart by adopting different sports. You can join core-strengthening classes at least once a week to ease pressure on your arm and hands.

Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to customize your foot care treatment plan

While accidents may be inevitable, you can still avoid injuries by knowing what to avoid. After your treatment, your foot care specialist will advise you on what to do to avoid sprains and strains in the future. To learn more about foot care services, call a podiatrist to schedule an appointment.