Awesome Santa Shop School Fundraiser Ideas

When it is the time for Christmas, one would want to bask in the aura of such a holiday. How can you do such and still raise money for your school? You should consider trying out these awesome School Holiday Shop fundraiser ideas.

Get The Giant Elf

You want the kids to get involved in the holiday, and a great way of doing this is by having a giant elf. You are upholding the holiday spirit, which is a smart thing to do if you want the kids to key into the Santa shop school fundraiser idea. It is unwise to merely open a Christmas school shop without incorporating the Christmas aspect to it. You want the kids to feel that Christmas is here, and be willing to make the purchase. You want to make everywhere scream of fun, fun unseen anywhere else. How does one do a Christmas decoration without having a giant elf present? When the kids see the elf, they see the need to embrace good behavior, meaning that it won’t be hard to get them to stay in line when they decide to make their Christmas purchases.

To make the elf decoration more innovative, you can inscribe something like this, on top of the elf, ‘This holiday shop is under elf surveillance’. This will make the kids be in order at every time.

Get the Christmas tree

When we talk about Christmas, we are talking about the Christmas tree. Under no condition should you try a Santa shop school fundraiser without having a Christmas tree nearby? You need a Christmas tree to preach about the wonders of the period. You want the season to be complete. It can be a natural one or an artificial one. Kids can hardly tell. When you bring the Christmas tree, use Christmas lights to decorate the tree.

A Christmas tree should be sited at the entrance of your Santa shop. Ensure that the shop is colorful. Kids love colors.

You can use painted cardboard to add the colors.

Remember that this Santa Shop school fundraiser is a school program; you can have kids to draft up some crazy works that can be used in the shop to add some hues to it. When you involve kids into your Santa shop school fundraiser, you will see them happy to purchase their gifts from you. They will feel honored when you use their craft designs and would do anything to ensure that the shop is successful. You can also have parents buying into the idea of the Santa shop school fundraiser when they see their kids’ craft designs hanging in the Santa shop.

Cone and ribbon

If you want an awesome design, you can consider using this. The cone can be hung from the ceiling, while the ribbons will dangle from the cone. This will give you the needed life that you crave for in your Christmas designs.

You want to bring so much life to space around, and this is possible by using this. The awesome part of this is that it is affordable and you don’t have to part with a lot to get it done — the more beautiful space, the better for you.

Holiday light decoration

How can Christmas be complete if there are no holiday lights around? You should consider hanging holiday lights on the Christmas tree and in other spots.

When doing this, you have to be a lot creative to ensure that it comes out looking awesome. You can use beautiful light to give the entire space a bold and bright appearance

It won’t be a bad idea to go for an oversized holiday light. This will work well in your school holiday shop.

The oversized lights that you are opting for can be created from ribbons, balloons, as well as solo cups. This type of Christmas light can work well when you hang it on be the ceiling. You should consider using the Christmas hues of red, green and white.

Create a photo station

It won’t be a bad idea to create a photo station, where kids can go to capture the memories. You want them to have fun, and this can be done easily by capturing their memories. Kids like pictures. Use this to your advantage, and you will be thankful.