The first step in playing a good strategy in online casinos is the knowledge of what kind of player you want to be. You can not win a casino game without knowing which kind of player you are and what are the odds of you winning or losing, on any given day. Knowing what kind of casino games you like the best is the foundation of your Baccarat Strategy. If you are an aggressive player then the banker is your best friend. There are no bonuses or small pots in online casinos so you should never play with a bankroll over one thousand dollars unless you want to take a really big risk. Baccarat Strategy revolves around this point.

The most general rule of baccarat strategy is always to minimize the home edge as much as you can. A starting position for this is to always play aggressively on the non-chessie bet because it has by far the lowest house edge of all the bets in the game. If you know you are going to lose more than you win on any single game, then you will most likely do just that, so try to set yourself up for the long run by using baccarat defense at the end of your turn. You may also want to try to bet on the river if you are strictly playing online casinos and don’t have a lot of time to play a full table game. That way if you do end up winning you can walk away with some profit while you have still made your money back from the baccarat bonus that you received in the bonus section of the online casinos.

Online casinos tend to give players who are aggressive players bonus points for playing baccarat with them. 

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Baccarat Strategy Guide: Understanding 1-3-2-4 System