Back Pain from Sitting: A Modern Disease Epidemic

Low back pain is a prevalent disorder, but you should not resign yourself to having a bad back. Does your back hurt?

 When the pain in your lower back is acute, it can leave you “stuck” or half incapacitated for everyday things like sitting or walking freely. When it is chronic, even if it is bearable, it does not stop being annoying, and it takes away the quality of your life.

Whatever your pain is, whether it hurts more on the left or the right, we tell you what could be causing it, what is the best treatment, the exercises that are convenient for you to relieve it and prevent relapses, and what habits will help you.

Bad Posture Or Lifting Weights

This is usually the most common cause of low back pain. Bending over or lifting weights incorrectly can strain ligaments or muscles and cause contracture or inflammation of the lower back due to overloading. Other causes of low back pain can be chronic problems of the spine, such as disc herniation -which usually leads to sciatica, lumbar arthritis, and spondylolisthesis.

Location Of The Pain

If the pain goes down the buttock and leg and can reach the foot, then it is usually sciatica due to a herniated disk. On the other hand, if it hurts when sitting for a while, the most common reason is lumbar arthritis.

When you feel the pain when walking, it is most often a spondylolisthesis. That is, due to a displacement of two lumbar vertebrae that has compressed nerve root. And if the pain is acute and leaves you “stuck,” it is usually due to a bad posture or abnormal weight-bearing.

Other Causes Of Back Pain

Low back pain is not always related to the spine. Sometimes it is a reflex pain due to other ailments such as renal or biliary colic, kidney infections, rheumatism, psoriatic arthritis, or osteoporosis. Even in rare cases, it can be due to a bone infection, valve disease, or a tumor.

Emotional Low Back Pain

It’s due to stress, which makes the body tense and more vulnerable to muscle contractions, which can trigger low back pain.

If your body feels stiff, stretch. If you are sitting, bring your trunk forward, resting your chest on your thighs and letting your arms hang down to relax your shoulders.

Relieving Pain

When the pain is acute and prevents you from continuing your activity, lie on your side, bending one leg and resting it on a cushion or folded towel. When in need of an osteopath urgently, you can reach him by phone or visit the nearest health center.

Bottom Line

We spend many hours a day sitting down, whether it’s in front of a computer, TV, etc. The correct posture is one in which the backrests on the end of the chair. It would be best if you rest the feet on the floor or a footrest. Never sit on the edge of the chair.