Basic Healthcare Tips for Keeping Cats Healthy

Like human beings, cats also have real needs that they would love to get. Adequate comfort, security, food, and love are some of the best ways to keep feline friends happy and healthy. 

Here is a detailed guide every cat owner should incorporate into their daily lives to ensure adequate cat treats for a healthy life. 

Regular Grooming

Regular combing or brushing cats help remove any dead and loose hairballs from their coat, preventing the cats from ingesting the hair when self-grooming. Better yet, brushing gives the owner the chance to identify any irregularities like sore spots and bumps. Veterinarians can then monitor these changes for adequate treatment.

Provide Fresh Water

Water is life to both humans and pets. So, ensure the cats have access to clean and fresh water and replenish at least twice a day. Since cats hate bending their whiskers while drinking, ensure the water is poured in a giant bowl that accommodates.  Again, cats are too sensitive to smell, so their bowls should be adequately cleaned or washed. 

Provide Adequate Litter Boxes

When it comes to potty places, ensure enough clean litter boxes. The general rule of thumb suggests having the same number of boxes as cats, plus an additional one. 

However, ensure a right-sized box that the cats would comfortably enter for their excretion process. Avoid any litter boxes that are covered as they trap odors and prevent cats from escaping in case of potential threats. 

Never Assume a Cat That Pees Outside the Box

Sometimes cats would leave the box and pee somewhere else, like on the favorite armchair or rug. However, one must check what prompted the cat to pee outside the box. In most cases, cats would pee outside the box if their litter boxes were dirty. So, scoop it every day and try to change the location.

Also, a change in litter box habits may mean the cat has some medical issues like urinary tract infections. Therefore, rush the cat to the vet to confirm some illness. 

Neuter or Spray the Cat

Neutering and spraying are some of the topmost cat treats that aim long-term health. It helps prevent reproductive infections in both females and male cats. For male cats, neutering help prevent and manage prostate issues like testicular cancer. In females, spraying help avoid tumors of the breast, ovarian cancers, uterine diseases, and other reproductive infections. 

Schedule and Regular Veterinary Visits 

Annually taking the cat (s) to the vet provides opportunities to help prevent any potential feline infections. Vaccines can be administered and check-ups to ensure the cat is happy and healthy. 

Provide the Cat with Enough Food

Cats are carnivores. So, avoid giving them too many carbohydrates and grains. However, supply them with high-quality wet proteins that help them maintain healthy teeth. Be consistent with the quantity of the food and provide the right amount of foods to prevent them from developing obesity or type 2 diabetes. 

Adding a new feline friend means additional responsibility of providing the right amount of food, water, protection, and appropriate care through regular vet visits.