Basic Information About Aircon Cleaning, Chemical Wash & Overhaul

Even if your air conditioning unit is in good working order, you should clean it at least once every 12 months. You must perform routine aircon cleaning since dust and filth accumulate on your units, particularly in significant locations such as the coil and air filters. If you do nothing, it might harm your air conditioner’s effectiveness in producing cool air for your house.

What is a Chemical Wash?

One of the most highly recommended services for cleaning your aircon unit is a chemical wash. It is the procedure of using chemicals to clean the interior components of an air conditioner.

The procedure entails disassembling the internal components and soaking them in a chemical solution. It aids in the removal of any clinging dirt particles and corrosive acids from the inside parts. To reap the most advantages from aircon cleaning, go with a reputable business with years of expertise delivering professional aircon servicing in Singapore.

Do you need to chemical wash your units regularly?

Doing routine aircon chemical wash can keep your units running at peak efficiency. It is crucial, especially if your air conditioner begins to blow warmer air or has a leaking problem. Standard air conditioning cleaning may not be able to clean your unit thoroughly. Chemical washing can improve air quality, save energy, and extend the life of your air conditioner.

What is Chemical Overhaul?

You can put your aircon through a chemical overhaul when you notice a problem with the performance or efficiency. It might be anything from diminished cooling to the air conditioner never turning on. During an aircon chemical overhaul, the repairman would disassemble your entire air conditioning unit and remove each component for examination. They will either repair or replace faulty or broken parts during the procedure.

You may clean and maintain your air conditioner using three methods––regular service, chemical wash, and chemical overhaul. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may choose to select any of these.



What are the benefits of a chemical wash or overhaul?

As stated above, performing an aircon chemical wash can help maintain the state of your unit. It also contributes to its efficiency and longevity. The following are the four benefits of performing aircon chemical wash and overhaul.

#1 Improved Air Quality

Putting your aircon through a chemical wash or overhaul lets it breathe fresh, clean air. It improves indoor air quality, which aids in the prevention of respiratory disorders and other health problems.

#2 Longer Life Span

Routine aircon maintenance and chemical wash can help your air conditioner last longer. It can save you money on air conditioner repairs, even from buying a new unit, in the long run.

#3 Better Energy Efficiency

Performing regular aircon chemical cleaning aids in maintaining the energy efficiency of your air conditioner. It simply implies that you can save a significant amount of money on your power costs in the long term.

#4 Better Performance

Filter, evaporator coil, and drainage pipe clogging may impair the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit. An aircon chemical overhaul can restore your air conditioner’s performance to new levels. Moreover, an aircon chemical cleaning also aids in lowering the condensation rate of your unit.

When should I have my air conditioning unit serviced?

It is best to note a few factors that indicate it may be time to call a reputable aircon servicing firm in Singapore. Here is a list of three factors which imply it is time for professionals to step in.

#1 Warmer Air

There are two parts to your air conditioning unit: the condenser and the fan coil. Your air conditioning unit will blow warm air if these two components are dirty. An aircon chemical wash will be necessary to maintain operation. The collection of dust and grime will progressively impair the system’s function and result in heated air since you regularly use your air conditioning unit.

#2 Leakage Issues

It is dreadful if your air conditioning unit starts leaking. An aircon chemical overhaul is essential to provide proper hygiene and cleanliness. Leakage can happen when there is a backflow due to a blocked drainage line.

#3 Production of Foul Smells

The humid weather in Singapore can hasten the growth of germs and mould within the air conditioning unit. The foul smell from your air conditioning unit should remind you to perform a routine aircon chemical cleaning.




5 Tips for Choosing an Aircon Servicing Firm

The longer you wait to call an aircon repair and servicing firm in Singapore, the worse the energy efficiency of your unit will be. Look for an expert AC repair crew before this happens. Here are five suggestions to help you narrow down your alternatives.

#1 Get Referrals

Ask friends, family, and neighbours for recommendations or thoughts on your potential candidates. It is okay if your close group cannot make recommendations. Instead, begin your search online and make a list of alternatives to investigate further.

#2 Consider Experience & Expertise

Determine how long the contractors have been in the industry before hiring an aircon servicing company in Singapore. Their practical experience may demonstrate their expertise. Select a firm that has years of AC repair experience.

#3 Investigate Customer Reviews

It is best to go through reviews from former clients before choosing an aircon servicing company in Singapore. Learn about their experiences with the firm and how satisfied they are with their service.

#4 Other Services Offered

Cooling your house accounts for 43% of your total energy consumption. Inquire about the services provided by the aircon servicing firm in Singapore and if they can increase the energy efficiency of your apartment.

#5 Review Their Credentials

Review the qualifications of every aircon servicing and repair company in Singapore you are considering. Check that the business is licensed, bonded, and insured. It is also best to investigate general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

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