BBQs 2u Passion Has Risen the Extreme Demand of Kamado Joe Big Boys

BBQs 2u are now the leading barbecue retailer. By selling remarkable and most in-demand Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and Masterbuilt Gravity series, the brand has received immense appreciation from their customers. The retail outlet saw an increase in sales during the pandemic when UK citizens were unable to taste grilled steak and duck in restaurants. Nothing can be as fascinating for British residents, as barbecue in the backyard during hot summers with chilled beer. 

BBQs 2u owners are passionate about barbecue and therefore they try to introduce new products in the UK market that amazes barbecue lovers. Recently in August, they posted a video in their Facebook account about the Kamado Joe Space suitable for all Kamado Joe range. The table is suitable for Monolith Chef, Primo X-Large XL400 Charcoal and more. Now and then customers can get information on the latest accessories and models launched in the barbecue’s category through BBQs 2u. 

Their loyal customers don’t get tired of praising their efficient delivery and barbecue knowledge. Paul, the owner of BBQs 2u says, “The enthusiasm among customers drives me to do something better. Each time when I am praised for my hard work and dedication, I feel I have to do more for my fellows in the UK.” 

Customers are no different. They leave positive and motivating comments for the company on various review-based sites. This is not a recent trend, but BBQs 2u has been receiving lots of appreciation from their customers for years.

“An amazing business, run by family members obsessed with barbecue. Nothing is bad about the business. In this digital world it is great to get a call from the business owner”, says one of the customers who reviewed the Trusted Shops. 

Another customer commented, “BBQs 2u has the exact accessories that you need. I needed a cover and they had the exact one which was out of stock in other brands.”

BBQs 2u stocks the entire Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and Masterbuilt Gravity series. Their Kamado Joe deals which were called the Black Friday deals launched on 27th November 2020 was a hit. It drove people crazy as they got gifts with every purchase of Kamado Joe Classic I, II, and III and Kamado Joe Big Joe II and III. These gifts consisted of lump wood charcoal, reversible griddle, grill, Flamers natural firelighter, etc. 

BBQs 2u are known for getting a new Kamado Joe Sale for enthusiasts who love everything about barbecue. Looking at the huge demand for Kamado Joe during the pandemic, the company was forced to stock lots of Kamado Joe big boys with Kamado Space table. What more can be said about their passion after seeing the latest Kamado clothing launched on their website and every social media account. 

Check their latest Kamado Joe Sale UK on their Pinterest profile. Check their YouTube account to understand more about the recent releases. They provide complete details and give feedback about new barbecue product in the market.