Benefits of Contract Lifecycle Management

It is vital to understand that contract activity is something you should protect and handle without losing precious time.

That is why most businesses choose to adopt CLM or contract lifecycle management as systematic and proactive management of contracts through renewal, compliance, and awards.

You should know that it can help you boost your business efficiency and cost savings. A primary goal is to learn how to automate CLM, which will help you increase compliance and reduce liability issues that may happen and lead to legal problems.

This process starts with department personnel, business management, or if a customer requires a particular service or product. Besides, it ends when you deliver goods or services.

However, the process between delivery and order comes with improving delivery, saving money, and getting products that will help you improve your business and take it to the next level.

Simultaneously, this process can end up losing money and wasting time, which you can handle by implementing CLM.

Advantages of CLM

  • Centralize Storage – Having paper-based or manual contracts is challenging to handle, mainly because you must keep them properly in the secure storage room. After a while, you should find a separate storage room and place them in cabinets while implementing 24/7 security measures. On the other hand, you can implement a CLM solution that will provide you with a cloud-based system to store everything and access wherever you are. The main goal is to access the contract even while you are on the move, which is essential to remember. Besides, cloud-based systems will centralize your contracts.
  • Fast Access – If you own a large business that features hundreds or thousands of contracts monthly, it is essential to maintain them properly and avoid potential misuses that may legally affect you. Missing a single one can lead to severe consequences, including penalties, not something you should do. However, having CLM software means that you can monitor them in real-time, search them online and get relevant deadlines before they happen.

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  • Boost Overall Security – E-Signatures feature the ability to authorize access, add security features and encrypt data to ensure no one can enter without relevant perspective. In case you run a large business that spreads around different regions, you can get quick approval and execution, which will help you take your business to the next place. At the same time, your clients, suppliers, and colleagues will know about each step along the way.
  • Better Collaboration – Implementing a CLM system means that you will implement digital collaboration, which will help you boost your business. Specialized and customized software can allow you to implement valuable inputs from stakeholders while creating a contract. It is better and more effective than e-mail-based collaboration, mainly because it can lead to downtime. Therefore, CLM software should involve numerous people you wish to add within the process, which will help you get real-time options and allow them to view them based on authenticity and access levels.
  • Get Complete Control – You should know that having a document or CLM software means that you will take advantage of advanced and reliable features and characteristics. As soon as you implement and install it on your business hardware, you will get absolute control over management and making. The process goes from access to execution, which is why you should find a proper provider to help you out with the process.

Problems Can Happen If You Neglect CLM

  • Lousy Delivery – You will not create a specific project deadline and schedule, which will affect the delivery process. Besides, having proper contract management will help you meet customer expectations.
  • Inability to Negotiate Particular Terms – You must be as diligent as possible while receiving everything you agreed beforehand. Keep in mind that negotiations can be highly time-consuming with a lack of contract management software.
  • Inefficient Processes and Errors – Creating contracts, regulating them, and using old ways for the process is essential to help you out with the process. You should know that ad-hoc options and tools will not provide you with proper visibility, functionality, compliance, and reporting capabilities. Therefore, you will not be able to use it efficiently, which will increase the margin for error.
  • Downtime – You probably know that downtime is costly, especially for businesses that rely on customer satisfaction. That is the main reason you should implement a proper organization that will help you look for data, notes, schedules, and contract without losing staff time and preventing potential issues. It is better to have software that will automatically analyze relevant data, which will help you boost business efficiency.

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  • Reactivity is Worst for Business – The main goal of any business is to create a proactive principle that will prevent potential issues. Therefore, you should avoid reactivity, which happens when a problem occurs and you need to deal with it. That way, you will waste both time and money, crucial for your business opportunities and gaining new customers.