Benefits of Third Party Manufacturing For Nail Polish Brands

Third-party manufacturing means outsourcing manufacturing to a third-party company. This company could either be a contract manufacturer or a private label service provider. A third-party manufacturing company has all the expertise and experience when it comes to manufacturing different types of cosmetics and personal care products. 

Nail polish brands can use this to their advantage and introduce a wide collection of nail polishes. In this article, we will discuss custom nail polish manufacturers. We will also talk about how nail polish brands can benefit from a private label nail polish manufacturing company. 

Understanding Third-Party Nail Polish Manufacturing

Contract manufacturers produce nail polish as per the formula provided by their clients. They also have their own formulas. White label companies work on predefined formulas. Private label nail polish manufacturer works on custom formulas. This allows nail polish brands to customise the ingredients as per their requirements. 

The custom formulas also help brands to launch nail polishes with unique hues and properties in the market. Nail polish industry consists of such third-party nail polish manufacturers. Some nail polish brands outsource the manufacturing to these manufacturers and focus only on marketing and advertising their products. 

Advantages of Third Party Nail Polish Manufacturing

Here are some key advantages of collaborating with third-party nail polish manufacturing companies:

1. Cost Savings & Reduced Overhead

Third-party nail polish manufacturers have easy access to raw materials and supplies. So, they order the supplies in bulk which also reduces their production cost. Brands that outsource their manufacturing to third-party companies do not have to worry about sourcing the raw materials. They also get the nail polishes at wholesale rates from these manufacturing companies. This helps them to earn good profits through bulk sales of different types of nail polishes. 

2. Access To Specialised Expertise & Advanced Technology

Custom nail polish manufacturers have in-depth knowledge about nail polish manufacturing. They use advanced technologies to manufacture high-quality nail polishes. They follow standard manufacturing practices and use all the safety precautions. So, nail polishes with different types of finishes and hues can be easily obtained from these third-party nail polish manufacturing companies. 

3. Flexibility & Scalability In Production

With the support of nail polish contract manufacturers or private label nail polish companies, brands no longer have to worry about their production. They can scale their production as per customer demands and market trends. The flexibility of changing the formula also helps brands to launch products with USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in the market. 

4. Focus On Core Business Activities While Outsourcing Production

After collaborating with a third-party nail polish manufacturer, brands don’t have to worry about the production. They can focus on core business activities such as marketing, advertising, branding, distribution, and sales. The extra time and money saved due to outsourcing can be invested to grow the nail polish business rapidly. 

Choosing the Right Third Party Nail Polish Manufacturer

Selecting the right third-party nail polish manufacturer is equally important for nail polish brands. Brands must check whether the nail polish manufacturing company they are collaborating with is reliable. They must also check the quality of their offerings and must confirm if the manufacturer follows all the compliance requirements. They can ask if the manufacturer provides samples and whether they work on customisable formulas or not. 

A strong partnership with a reliable third-party manufacturer can take nail polish brands to newer heights. Bo International is the leading third-party nail polish manufacturing company. We offer both contract manufacturing and private label nail polish manufacturing services. 

When it comes to private labelling, we also provide customised packaging, marketing, branding, and related services. With our custom formulas, nail polish brands have emerged as key players in the market. Contact us today and find more about our manufacturing and other third-party labelling services. 


These were some benefits of outsourcing the manufacturing to a third-party nail polish manufacturing company. Bo International stands out as a most reliable and experienced third-party nail polish manufacturing company. Our vast knowledge and experience accumulated after working with key nail polish brands have helped us in improving our production, marketing, and other processes. Connect with our sales executive for more details regarding our nail polish manufacturing!