Best Cards For Online Shopping

To be completely sure that your card will be accepted in any online store like the vanilla visa gift card balance, it is best to choose Visa or MasterCard – these are the most common international payment systems. Be sure to pay attention to the card category, as some foreign trading platforms do not work with the most basic ones (Visa Electron, MasterCard Maestro and Electronic). But in which bank you open it, it does not play a special role. Do not forget to find out how to quickly replenish the card and whether it is possible to ensure the funds lying on it.

Separate Card

Avid online shoppers are advised to have a separate card for online shopping. Ask your bank to issue an additional debit card to which you will transfer the required amount immediately before purchase. So, if your data is stolen, your basic savings will not be affected. It’s better not to store large amounts of money on the card you use daily. Did you get paid? Transfer it to an account to which no cards are attached at all, and already from it drop small amounts to the main one.

Virtual Card

It is also worth considering the release of a virtual card. You can issue it online.

It is issued specifically for purchases and payments online. Often it does not even have a tangible medium: the bank tells you only the number, expiration date and card authentication code (CVC2 / CVV2). It happens in plastic, but you cannot pay for purchases offline and withdraw cash with it.

Electronic Payment System Or Wallet

Some foreign merchants accept money only through electronic payment systems (the most famous are WebMoney and PayPal). This is convenient: you can transfer money from a bank card tied to a wallet, but the seller will not see its details. Do not forget that when paying for goods in a foreign store with a ruble card, the payment system automatically converts the amount into the seller’s currency at its rate.