Best Online Games to Play as a Family

Because we all have had just about enough of the classic Monopoly or Mille Bornes, here are some online board games that pleasantly pass the time. Alone or with others, play and have fun on your computer or your mobile phone. We have selected for you those entertaining online games to play with kids.

Connect 4

Connect Four, initially called Captain’s Mistress, is an online card game that you can find on reliable niche websites. To play connect 4, two players are needed. Each of them must use their own PC or mobile phone. The card game was created in 1974 and is now owned by Hasbro. Each gamer has to choose their color and do what they can to line up 4 discs of their color. The first player who manages to put 4 of their discs in a straight line is the winner. This online game is suitable from the age of six.

Neutral Escape Game

The next one is a little escape game. It is a virtual game of course and suitable for all ages. It provides with all difficulty levels. The gamers have to find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape from the room. The online game is played with another person or alone in a “Point & Click” mode. It means that you use your mouse to move objects and find the solution. This type of game, generally developed in Japan, abounds on the internet, but most of the time the graphics are basic, and the handling of objects quite crude! But Neutral is a real masterpiece.

Worms 3 

With a highly descriptive name, this online game is fun for all the members of the family, no matter what their age. Worms 3 is developed from a classic game of the same name. Having entertained generations of children, it is ideal for family fun today. Like Connect 4, each gamer takes their turn. Points are earned exactly as in the traditional version. One great feature of Worms 3 is that you can stream the game to your TV through a Chromecast connection. This allows everyone in the living room to follow the game and see who wins.

Family Feud 8, Friends

It is an interesting and interactive game for families. Just like the traditional game, this digital version allows family members to answer a variety of questions about literally everything that happens under the sun. Family Feud 8, Friends is presented with interactive animations. Besides, it is presented through special features like predictive typing and beautiful theme music.