Best Toys for 3 to 5-Year-Old Kids

Toddlers between 3 and 5 years old enjoy playing puzzles and construction games. Imagination and imitation games also arouse their interest. They often watch adults and have fun pretending. This is the age of disguises and role-playing (playing mom and dad, firefighter, princess, cook, etc.). Their creativity takes up a lot of space in their crafts and drawings. Here are toys that help kids in this age achieve their full potential.


Squishy consists or a series of cute and fun little figurines to collect. You just have to choose the ones your child prefers: a pink Squishy Seahorse with little hearts and lavender, a Unicorn Squishy sitting in shades of mauve with small touches of yellow and blue, a Mini Chick Squishy, a very funny little yellow ball, or white Sleeping Cat Squishy, etc. These figurines are great for making up playtime stories with friends. They also have the advantage of being able to be crushed and contorted in all directions without damaging or deforming. It is because Squishy is made of silicone and foam, which makes it a very practical anti-stress at the same time.

Toys for Pretend Play

From the age of 3, toddlers increasingly use objects symbolically in their games. They also like to imitate the daily actions taken by their parents and those around them. Thus, they make a lot of pretend play. They may use a pot lid as a car steering wheel, pretend to be on the phone, feed their doll or teddy bear, or even bake a plasticine cake. Pretend play has many benefits for children. It allows them to develop their autonomy, their resourcefulness, their self-confidence and their ability to take initiatives. It also helps them use their imagination, improve their ability to control their gestures and emotions, strengthen their social skills, put their learning into practice and prepare to learn to use symbols such as letters and numbers.

Toys for Construction Games

Whether made of fabric, wood or plastic, blocks are simple toys whose use changes according to the age and preferences of kids of 3 to 5 years old. The construction games are also very rich in learning in addition to allowing toddlers to make different discoveries. Around 2 years old, children begin to take an interest in bigger plastic blocks that they try to fit into each other. He also likes nesting cubes that fit together and allow them to experiment with the notion of size. Around 3 years old, they turn them over and stack them, going from the largest to the smallest to make a tower. Then, they take pleasure in playing with small Lego-type bricks to make characters, a wall, a house, etc. Their construction games become more and more complex and more and more varied.