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Billing software can be software that can be designed in order to manage time and billing tracking and invoicing clients for goods and services. It can track working hours that are worked by workers along with the estimations of expenses with customers. Online billing software solution does getting and paying work as it mainly replaces the paper work or invoicing or accounting. Whereas, restaurant billing software is a system which computes total sales of restaurants and the profit margin which they earn along with the favourable and adverse sales computation vs. targeted sales. It can produce sales report whenever it is required.

    1. Billing software for Restaurant

With the execution of new rules and policies of GST, the restaurant billing software mechanism is termed as a wonderful solution in order to make their billing procedure easier as well as faster. It mainly drives flexibility and connectivity which is seamless hat helps in keeping or tracking diverse range of functionalities of hotel or restaurant at a time of increasing their productivity. It facilitates effective insights within daily operational and financial activities for providing desired outcomes in forward thinking and customer oriented mode. Activities are based on kitchen display system, home delivery, petty cash accounting or dine-in management. 

Features of Restaurant billing software

There are several features of effective and best billing software for restaurants that are considered as below: 

  1. Ease of use and quick billing: Quick and fast billing system is termed as a most crucial aspect for any restaurants because it is marked as user selling points of hotel billing mechanism. In order to keep their customers happy and satisfied then restaurants need to be facilitating a fast service that creates huge impact on profitability. It is useful for not only customers but for managers, cooks, and waiters the slow system can be annoying. So that restaurant billing solutions should not be confusing for sales force as it should need less manual efforts for staff members. Whereas, speed is considered as a valuable aspect which openly contributes towards the ease of use along with the intuitive layouts. 
  2. Reporting: In order to examine the performance of restaurants owner must have to track it by making following reports that are presence in the billing software of restaurants. For having insights into business activities helps in raising profitability. Some of the reports are discussed below:
  • Sales report: It shows number of outputs and visual invoicing pie charts and graphs that will reflects the actual sales on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. 
  • Labour report: It have insights about the usefulness and worth of employees which will facilitate complete tracking regarding of how many sales every workers is liable for or made. 
  • Menu and product mix report: Having insights on the success and failure of restaurants will let owner tracking of sales by items and time so that they can easily compare that menu things best and popular.
  • Exception reports: It is widely used for preventing losses that shows complete system of tracking of void and refunded buying that worker has faced. It will let them to know about the unapproved discount that has given by the staff to friends or regulars. 
  1. Inventory: While talking about inventory, it is not the favourite task for business owners but for effective growth of restaurants, it plays an essential role. For the purpose of maintaining smooth supply flow, there is the requirement of managing and organising every elements of stock from costing to minimising wastages. It helps businesses to track all ingredients and sold items that keep them from over ordering. In order to go for head to head within competitive market it ensures that restaurant billing solutions have inventory management as well. It will also automate their inventory tracking and automatically sold items in order to minimise from their stock. 
  2. Cloud based: Business owners needs to check all past records at anytime anywhere in entire world so that needed restaurant billing solution should be cloud based. It makes resources available to users on their requirements through internet it is termed as most reliable path to raise capacity and increase functionality without any costly infrastructure expenses. 
  3. Marketing: Rapid development of technologies and use of internet in contemporary world, the online marketing is in trend for the purpose of promotion as it has become biggest sources of information for clients. Developed websites relates reliable information for visitors like menu, contact numbers, address, offers, opening hours etc. that can be an effective online marketing strategy of restaurants. The restaurants billing software has capability to automatically update menus, price fluctuations, offers etc. on websites which saves time and efforts for entering information for updating. 

Why software is needed for managing restaurant billing mechanism?

With respect of long term businesses, manual billing system or hand written receipts might be easy or cheap but it can harm their businesses in future. In manual bills, restaurants will not have any kind of record regarding order processing of daily, monthly or weekly. So that knowing about the actual information regarding profit and loss amount will be difficult or complex to gain. Even in the availability of owners, staff members of restaurants can make mistakes while calculating kitchen order tickets (KOTs) that classifies many details like items order, table number, quantity etc. 

Along with the KOTs there are several other functionalities as well such includes quick billing, inventory, marketing activities and so many more that will suffer more due to the use of hand written receipts of bills. So that use of billing software at restaurant will assist businesses to develop good reputation along with the exclusive brand. Thus, to operate restaurants in efficient and profitable manner, advanced management system of billing at restaurant is needed which provides complete mechanism to run smooth functioning through the highs and lows regarding trade. 

Market trends of Restaurant billing software

It has been growing to be the backbone of restaurants success. Some of the latest trends are as follows: 

  • On the basis of the latest report which is presented by the Grand view research, Inc., global restaurant billing software market is going to attain USD 6.94 billion by 2025 as CAGR would be 14.6%.
  • In 2016, this market was just about USD 2.0 billion. 
  • While predicted period this system is likely to be experienced highest growth with the CAGR of 17.6%. 
  • Indian billing software is experienced self check outs as well as ordering system in 2018.
  • Asia pacific region practiced highest growth in the restaurant market for billing in 2016.
  • The segment of software is going to be experienced during predicted period which is to acquire 58% market shares of restaurants billing software market by 2025. 


Benefits of using Restaurant billing software:

There are many comprehensive benefits which owning restaurant software grants for users such are as follows: 

  1. Easy table management: Online billing software for restaurants maintain all the records of pre booked tables that facilitates with detailed and updated layout of unbooked space. Once table is booked, online software updates booked tables with ordered items in system that helps restaurants owner to give right order to right space. 
  2. Invoice customisation: At a time of running restaurants, many things are required to manage such as offers, discounts, altered tax rates, exchange etc. Majority of businesses provides personalisation features of invoices that creates easy and simple job and they can also add as well as delete these aspects according to the latest market trends without any issue. 
  3. Quick updates and notification: For operating restaurants everyone needs to put attention on several sections that should be aware about that the order has been timely delivered or not, staff is attending guests or not etc. So that advanced restaurant billing software featured with the quick push notification as well as updates which keep posted with progress. 
  4. Saves operational cost: Restaurants billing software have automatic integration that need not require any professionals to perform tasks. It can easily operate like marketing, workforce, CRM and accounting management. It helps in minimising the cost of paper work or keeping manual records so that cloud bases integration is most appropriate for saving money and saves information securely. 
  5. Clock accessibility: In the period of waking of technology, many restaurants billing software facilitates support of mobile applications and cloud based integration. So that they can get access easily to inside operations and able to see received orders in a day, check inventory as well as make reports.


The POS restaurant software

(Source: Hotel Billing Software in Bangalore, 2019)

The POS billing software is considered as an affordable software solution that helps to grow businesses from the easy to learn user interface that will minimise the amount of taps per transaction in order to robust inventory and scheduling tools. It is window based Restaurant billing and management software that is suitable for managing the operations and activities. It is also termed as a simple approach which makes better system for POS, computers and laptop demands.  

Statistics about best restaurant billing software:

(Source: Which is the best restaurant billing software?)

From the above graph of best Restaurant billing software it has been seen that the tablet computers for menus, ordering and wine list is on the top with 29%. Then Smartphone applications for consumers with 26% and Smartphone apps for chefs or restaurants have 22%. At last but not least the mobile or wireless payments gateways are 21% and remaining 2% are covered by others. 


It has been concluded from the above discussion that every hotel or restaurants must use online billing software in order to manage their billings, payment gateways, orders, menu, stock, items etc. It is considered as a most useful tool that helps in minimising the cost, time and efforts and facilitates better profitability to the businesses. With the time, technologies are regularly updates and used in every businesses and the internet access is going to be increased that provides automations in updates and notifications that are send directly to the customers. It also helps in managing the tables or space for various customers along with their orders, quantity and so many things and it is automatically generated in the system which is easily accessible for future also.