Cattle Fence Ideas, Style & Options

There are many options when it comes to Cattle Fencing. One has to decide which one to choose based on functionality and financial viability. Some fences might be doing the job pretty well but might be big-budget, or the case might be vice-versa. In either of the cases, choosing that cattle fence won’t be a good idea? The list of options for Cattle Fences might be confusing for you. Or maybe you are wondering how many types of Cattle Fences are there.

Here we brought you a list of different Cattle fences from which you can choose the one best suitable for you.

Types of the cattle fence

Electric Cattle Fence:

As they say, Electric fences are more of a psychological barrier rather than just being a physical one. Proper installation and maintenance will do just the exemplary work for you. After a certain period, with appropriate and controlled voltage, the Electric Fence would keep the cattle and livestock inside the perimeter.

Electric Cattle Fences are usually cheaper than barbed wire fences since they require fewer fence installation materials. In addition, these electric cattle fences require less time to install and are versatile, and you can take them down and quickly reinstall them somewhere else.

Barbed Wire fence

Barbed Wire Fence has been one of the most common cattle fences in the country. Its sharp pointed ends keep the foreign animals outside and safely keep the cattle inside. Barbed wire fences are also versatile and can be removed with ease when required. The process of fence installation is also easy.

Barbed wire fences usually serve as an excellent physical barrier but are not an excellent visual deterrent due to their limited number of strands. Sometimes, when there are a limited number of strands (usually 3-4) and comparatively more animals in a dense area, it becomes difficult to keep them controlled. In these situations, the number of strands can be increased, obviously costing you a bit more extra.

Woven wire cattle fence

It is also sometimes referred to as having a “fixed-knot” design, and this cattle fence is by far one of the most successful fencing options. It might be because this design has a lot more fencing per foot. It is both physically and visually a deterrent. 

People prefer this fencing because of its strength. However, it would be best if you kept a close eye on things or, cattle and other livestock can get their hooves caught in the openings.

Wooden Cattle fence

Wooden Cattle Fencing is one of the cheapest fencing options available. This fence installation is usually done for keeping cattle. They are also easy to install and remove.

It is also used for separating pastures, and they can be made into various designs such as Split Rail, Round Rail, Cross buck Wooden Fence, etc.

Cattle panel fence

These types of fences are not only used for keeping cattle and livestock but also used for fencing farms, backyards, and gardens. They are usually designed with galvanized square panels framed in Red Cedar wood, and sometimes, decorative cedar caps are also attached to the top of the posts for a better look.

Cattle fence Posts

Cattle fence post provides various options that you can employ according to your convenience and requirements.

  • End Posts, Corner Posts, and Bracing

The fence installation process begins with installing fence posts and bracing them. Can use different post materials for the construction of fences. The average distance between the posts should usually be around 50 feet apart, though it depends on other situations. 

It is also recommended to use the correct energizer. Also, you need to install a proper sized fence post and should set the corner posts deeply enough. Setting up the posts and Bracing is one of the most common problems people encounter during Fence Installation.

  • Support Post for Cattle Fence

Can use the wooden fence support for building walls, and unlike other fence foundations, they don’t follow the ground. So it means that you can use it to build at level heights.

Cattle Fence Gates

Every fence needs a gate to allow the cattle or even humans to get in and out of the fencing area. But, just like other fences, there are also various options for cattle fence gates.

Iron gates

Though they are heavy, they are durable. However, installing these fence gates might not be easy and might be expensive for a few.

Barbed wire gates

Barbed wire gates are maybe the best option for cattle fence gates due to their cost, ease of installation, and transportation. It doesn’t matter if your fence is electric or wooden; barbed wire gates go with each.

Wooden gate

Wooden gates are most common and generally go along with wooden cattle fences. Though the installation is more straightforward, few people can vouch for its security and durability.


There are various fencing ideas for cattle fences and cattle fence installation. Based on need, purpose, and budget, you need to pick the right one for yourself. Though when it comes to fence installation, with the proper skill. You can do it all by yourself.

But if you don’t have the right skills, which many people don’t, it is always recommended to hire a professional fencing company. Without proper installation, your cattle fences won’t work as they are supposed to.

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