CBD for cats – What you need to know about this trendy supplement

As a dedicated cat guardian, you would go to great lengths to ease your feline companion’s discomfort when health issues emerge. But with CBD now infused into everything from oils to treats to grooming products, how do we know what’s hype versus what will help our furry friends? Read on for a complete overview of the critical considerations regarding CBD oil – from evidence of benefits to proper dosing to safety precautions and more. Arm yourself with knowledge so you and your fabulous feline decide if joining this trendy supplement craze is the cat’s meow or not.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of over 100 active chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. Unlike its notorious cousin THC responsible for marijuana’s intoxicating high, CBD will not get your cat stoned. Instead, it works by interacting with mammalian endocannabinoid systems tasked with regulating homeostasis. Think of endocannabinoids as tiny keys that unlock receptors on cells throughout the body. This stimulation from CBD helps restore depleted internal endocannabinoid resources. 

Experts believe when properly regulated, increasing these critical signaling molecules helps the body better manage various issues tied to immune function, inflammatory response, mood stability, pain modulation, skin health, seizures, and more. For aging kitties dealing with chronic health problems from arthritis to cancer and beyond, supplementing with CBD oil may provide multi-pronged relief by targeting the root physiological imbalances making them miserable from the inside out.

Research says about cbd for cats

The formal clinical trials remain limited, the existing feline-focused research and abundant anecdotal reports highlight the promising health benefits of cbd oil for cats. Double-blind studies found notable decreases in pain behaviors, increases in activity, and improved quality of life scores in arthritic cats given CBD oil. Case studies also showcase CBD successfully reducing tumor size and limiting the spread of aggressive cancers.  Beyond life-threatening diseases, additional investigations cite CBD oil as providing relief to anxious, nauseous, and seizuring cats as well based on owner-perceived improvements. The long list of Promising anecdotal evidence adds even more intrigue. Properly controlled clinical trials are still needed. 

CBD dosing considerations for cats

CBD oil is generally very safe, so paying careful attention to proper dosing for your cat is important. There is no universal once-size-fits-all CBD dosage for cats. Factors like your pet’s weight, age, the condition being targeted, and more impact ideal concentrations and serving sizes. CBD oils made for feline consumption will provide application guidelines based on a cat’s weight. It’s best to start on the lower end before gradually increasing to find their optimal dose. Observing how your pet tolerates CBD oil is key to maximizing benefits while avoiding uncommon side effects like digestive upset or excess sedation at extremely high doses. Administer CBD oil directly into your cat’s mouth, mix it with wet food, blend it into homemade treats and foods, or allow them to lick it straight from the dropper or spoon if they are willing. Find which method your finicky feline responds to best.