Change UAE visa inside country without exit

In this hard time of global covid-19 pandemic, getting out for extending the visa status is a risky matter. If you want to extend your stay in Dubai, UAE for 30 days or 90 days, you must extend the visa status. And for this you need to go outside, breaking the rules of social isolation, go to the airport, stand in the queue, and wait for the documents to be submitted, interrogation, and so on. It is a lengthy process. 

Do you know that you can avoid this long journey by availing to the UAE visa change without exit? Yes, it is possible. Now you can extend your visa without exiting the country.

How the process works?

For any visa holders, extending the visa is a hard process, at least amid global pandemic, above all, getting the “date” of visiting the visa office at the airport. However, you can avoid this journey. Arabiers offers you visa extending packages at affordable prices, both for 30 days and 90 days. Yes, no more waiting in airport or travelling by bus. 

All you need is to act smart. The visa applicant must submit the documents 3-4 days prior to his/her last date of final submission. Guess what, it is done by sitting at home with peace in mind. What do you want more than this? You don’t need to exit outside country.

No exit visa process for the tourists

Now, who can resist the architectural beauty of Dubai, UAE? You can hardly find anyone. Amid global pandemic, there are hundreds of tourists already inside UAE. In this case, extending visa for 30 days or 90 days at affordable prices is possible by applying UAE visa change without exit program. It is good news for the visit/tourist visa holders. During this pathetic time when the whole world is fighting against “China’s Wuhan Virus”, visiting to the airport or travelling by bus to reach Oman will surely not be a good option to choose. 

Arabiers provides you a ready-made solution, “Visa change without exit”. In this process, tourist visa holders can significantly extend their visa status online, without leaving their home. The same process is also applicable to the on arrival nationalities. It is easy for on arrival nationalities to apply for pre-approved UAE tourist visa.

No exit visa process for the workers

With our UAE visa change without exit program the applicants on cancelled employment visa can extend their stay in Dubai, UAE. If your visa (tourist/visit/democratic/students/research/corporate) was expired before 1st April, before any third party information, it is highly recommended to see the visa status on UAE government portal. All the visas have been extended till 10th September 2020 due to Corona Virus pandemic.

However, as a rule, employment visa is very much different than any other visas. And the news we have is that cancelled employment visa holders must leave from Dubai to home country, or apply for the visa extension (visa change to tourist visa). Cancelled employment visas have not been extended by the government. If you have completed the grace period already, and are still not applying for visa change, it is time to avail “UAE visa change without exit program”.