Choose CBD Packaging Solutions As You Need

When a company provides multiple packaging solutions it has to analyze multiple factors for CBD boxes: transportation, cost and impact on the environment. It must also consider that the aesthetics of a product is becoming more and more important in our society. Each customer needs a customized solution that takes all of these elements into account.

Packaging Solutions: Transport and Packaging Cost

A company should offer packaging solutions that optimize the amount of material used, while ensuring maximum product safety. The weight and type of packaging also affect transport costs.

Packaging Solutions: The Impact on the Environment

It is very important to choose a CBD Packaging solution that is eco-friendly. The oversizing of packaging represents a waste of resources and energy. The dissemination of the packages after use on land and at sea also demonstrates the need to adopt sustainable solutions also in terms of materials. For this reason, many companies choose aluminum: a 100% recyclable material, which can be used in many sectors.

The Design of Packaging Solutions

Packaging design is among the factors that most influence the commercial success of a product. Representing the brand, the packaging must express the personality of the company through colors, styles and structure. We must not forget that customer satisfaction is fundamental: for this reason it is necessary to create innovative and creative solutions.

IPS Packaging Solutions

IPS provides different types of packaging solutions according to customer requests and different applications. It produces lacquered, coupled, embossed and printed aluminum sheets, mainly for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The CBD Packaging must respect a series of objectives, such as: protect the goods, avoid theft, be economical, and respect a balance between its performance and its cost, both from the point of view of the material used and the time it takes to make the packing operation. From an ecological point of view it is important that materials that are easily recyclable and in the least possible quantity are used for packaging.

The use of referring to packaging with the English term packaging is widespread: the latter term, however, in its original linguistic context, takes on a broader meaning, referring not only to the materiality of the packaging, but also to the aspects intangible materials concerning the production, industrial and aesthetic process, whereas, on the other hand, the Italian term “packaging” takes on a more restricted meaning, relating to the material wrapping, or to the operation (or set of operations) through which the goods are enclosed ‘casing.

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is defined as the coating that packages the single product ready for consumption. For example, in a can containing orange soda, the aluminum can is the primary packaging. Packaging allows you to preserve and transport otherwise perishable goods over time.