Choose the right Car Insurance

Bought a new car? Or looking to cover your car with the best available insurance policy? There are several companies which are not linked to any banks or insurance entities in particular, offering the best insurance covers on cars. Therefore, the client gets an unbiased opinion on his choices.

Comparing the car insurance policies and getting the desired quotes are dealt with free of cost by these companies. Their quotes are based on a lot of research and analysis that is done by their trained financial experts on the insurance covers offered by other insurance companies and then offering the best to their clients.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is the agreement between a buyer of a car and an insurer to which the buyer pays an annual insurance premium, who in turn covers the alleged car in case something goes wrong. In the Australian continent, there are four levels of car insurance:

  1. Compulsory Third Party Insurance: This insurance is mandatory which covers injuries only to other people and legal liabilities. It is commonly known as Greenslip Insurance which is usually included at the time of the registration of your car. However, this basic insurance does not suffice in many unprecedented situations.
  2. Third Party Property Damage: This policy covers the damages that your vehicle may cause to other people’s vehicle. It is the most basic policy which covers the damages that may occur to another person’s vehicle but you will have to pay for your own repairs.
  3. Third Party Fire and Theft Policy: This policy not only covers your vehicle for the damage that you cause to another person’s vehicle but also any damages that may be caused to your own vehicle from fire or theft. It gives you a little bit of extra coverage against uncertainties.
  4. Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy: This policy covers you if you have been involved in an accident and the vehicle that you are driving needs to be repaired or some parts of it replaced.


It is a comprehensive policy that covers almost every event or mishaps such as a storm, vandalism, theft, flood, hail, fire, key replacement, emergency accommodation, car hire, accidental damage or a car crash.

If you are looking to cover your car from every possible calamity, then comprehensive car insurance is your best option. It covers just about everything offered in the cheaper policies plus every other possible scenario too.

Comparing Quotations

There is a striking difference between the lowest and highest car insurance covers as per a recent study by one of the car insurance providers. The study reveals that the average lowest cost is as low as $684 per year whereas the average highest cost offered on the same car is $3015! This only goes to show how important it is to search carefully for the right car insurance and choose wisely. You can learn more about compare car insurance at iSelect. They help you save a lot of time and effort in finding the right car insurance policy for your vehicle.