Cleaning Natural Stones The Right Way

Natural stones are commonly used for construction purposes since time immemorial. In recent years, not much thought was given to cleaning and caring for Natural stone surfaces. It was the Egyptians who introduced techniques of fine cleaning of natural stones that were used in the construction of pyramids. Pyramids like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Khafre and many others were constructed with natural stones. These included granite and limestone which were cleaned, polished and finished. Construction works attracted quite a lot of dust, dirt, and grime in no time.

It was then that construction engineers resorted to cleaning Natural stone surfaces with Cleaning products. This restored its original appearance and made it appear more polished. Some of the best Natural stone cleaning products included power washers, chemicals, tough brooms, and wire brushes. These types of cleaning products were used on natural stones with rugged surfaces. While on the other hand, the finer Natural stone surfaces such as granite, marble, blue-stone and other varieties required more advanced technology cleaning solutions. It is also made use of travertine, and flagstone surface types. When it comes to taking care of outdoor Natural stone Constructions, a regular cleaning routine and frequent care should be adopted.

  • Eliminating dirt and moisture:

When using Natural stone cleaning products, the best approach is to sweep, dust-up and wipe away and Debris remnants. Prevent moisture, dirt, grime, and environmental pollutants from accumulating and coming in contact with the natural stone surfaces. Use Natural stone cleaning products in cleaning techniques. It could be done using the horizontal or vertical motion. The final touches to the cleaning could be done in the opposite direction. If the natural stones structure is exposed to water or rain, just let it dry naturally. In case it is covered, you could vacuum dry it or wipe away any excess water.

  • Use Natural stone cleaning products to your advantage:

Natural stone cleaning products are the best solutions available in the market to clean away tough stains and accumulation of Dirt. Never try to use chemicals, liquid detergents, powder solutions, and other cleaning products as it could damage and break up the Natural stone in no time. In case one needs to use solutions, you could choose organic Natural stone cleaning products which are suitable for use on the particular surface. Online stores and supermarkets stack up on outdoor Natural stone cleaners that are known to effectively clean away and make scrubbing easier and less stressful. To make the Natural stone cleaning product less acidic, you could use a mixture of water and cleaner in equal proportions.

  • Use sealants in combination with Natural stone cleaning products:

For natural stone structures that are highly porous, you could use sealants that protect the surface and inner layers from exposure to moisture. Using sealants can prolong the lifespan of the Natural stone. However, it is important to first clean the surface thoroughly with a Natural stone cleaner before applying the sealant. When doing so, make sure that there are no cracks, holes, and gaps in between the layers of the stone.