Clearabee Rubbish Removal London Is Changing The Environment

We now live in a time where environmentally friendly actions are more crucial than ever before. Many people are now taking all the steps they can to reduce the impact their waste has on the environment. With global warming, sea pollution, and sustainability at the forefront of most environmental debates, responsible waste disposal is important. It feels like we are finally at the stage where people are considering responsible rubbish removal in London and other parts of the UK. Although many of us are now looking for more responsible ways to dispose of our household waste, it is difficult to know what the right thing to do actually is.

The Issue With Landfill

For years we as a nation have strived to recycle as much as we can, with local councils arranging regular recycling collections. Most of us go out of our way to separate plastic, metal, and paper items from our rubbish, but this isn’t necessarily enough. David Palmer-Jones of Suez, the global expert in waste management recently stated that the UK’s number of landfill sites are becoming increasingly scarce. In the 90s, the UK had access to thousands of landfill sites, and it is predicted that by 2020 there will only be around 50 sites left in the country. This highlights the real importance of reducing landfill waste. Most rubbish removal in London is adding to the UK’s landfill, if we continue to the landfill in the UK, we will inevitably fill all available sites.

Running out of landfill sites isn’t the only issue that we need to be aware of. Sending out waste to landfill is also having a detrimental effect on the environment. Landfill not only reduces the valuable resources that we have available to recycle and create new products it also comes with a whole new set of issues. Landfill sites produce gasses such as methane and CO2 that are harmful to the environment. Reducing greenhouse gasses is an important consideration for those that are concerned about global warming. In addition to the greenhouse gasses that are produced as a result of the landfill, landfill sites also harm wildlife and plants. Landfill causes pollution to soil and water, which can impact the natural life that rely on it.

How Can We Help Reduce Waste Issues In The UK?

As a society, we have a responsibility to try and save the environment in every way that we can for our future generations. Many people are now joining in on litter picks all across the nation. Litter picks are where volunteers work together to remove rubbish from the streets and beaches of the UK. These groups exist all over the UK and are always looking for keen volunteers. Recently, a group in the Yorkshire Dales managed to collect 11 bin bags full of litter, a headboard, and tires just from one litter pick. It is easy to see how these groups can have a positive impact on the environment. Litter picks are a vital step towards saving wildlife and other natural life from the dangers waste can have on them.

Rubbish Removal In London – Do Clearabee Have A Solution?

Rubbish removal in London can contribute significantly to the amount of landfill in the UK. Companies like Clearabee are taking the UK’s landfill problem seriously and offer rubbish removal services that divert waste from landfill. The company focus on diverting 90 percent of the waste that they collect away from landfill. Using companies like Clearabee means you are aware of where your rubbish is going.