Coin2fx offers one of the best trading platforms

The online trading industry came into force with the advent of the Internet and consequent advancement of technology. Now, it is a popular method of trading. Then came Blockchain technology, which swept the forex trading industry off its feet. Blockchain technology gave birth to Cryptocurrencies, which have slowly, but firmly secured its place in the money market. The challenge, however, is the fact that it is volatile, unregulated and decentralized currency. Transactions in cryptocurrencies are not required to be carried out through existing banking institutions and it is not regulated by any geopolitical factor.

All of this and more underline the need for a reliable broker for online trading. Internet search reveals that there are a large number of broking platforms offering an attractive array of facilities for the trader. It is extremely difficult to select the right brokerage firm, which is not a scam, easy to navigate, provides a secure environment, and has a superior trading platform that is flexible and has all the tools the trader requires.

Coin2fx has won trader’s confidence and has undoubtedly has become the preferred choice for many of them.  This article delves into the various factors, which has made this broking platform stand out among its peers.

A Background of Coin2fx

As per information available, the broking platform is an asset of Smart Trade Investment Ltd, a company located in London in the United Kingdom. It is the product of the constant endeavor of team experts with extensive experience and knowledge of the finance industry and expertise in software technology. The team has ensured that the platform gains its place as the ideal choice for the online trader. Coin2fx specializes in CFD and forex trading and cryptocurrency transactions. However, it offers opportunities to trade in other assets as well. The company’s goal is to make the investing process as simple but profitable at the same time.

Coin2fx – the Trader’s choice

Traders feel comfortable with an advanced platform, which meets all trading needs and flexible investing conditions suitable for clients from various countries. The team of experts in Coin2fx has ensured that the platform meets these criteria.

A unique trading platform

Online brokers usually power their trading platform by MetaTrader4 (MT4). However, Coin2fx has developed its own platform to make trading easy for the client. Standing apart from the milieu, Coin2fx has a proprietary Contract for Difference (CFD) software, which integrates superior technology and offers a smooth and seamless experience in trading for the investor. The lightweight software comes with a clean and user-friendly interface. The trading platform of Coin2fx is constantly operated and updated by a motivated team of experts who work unceasingly to keep the platform relevant to the global cycle.

The trading platform of coin2fx is primarily web based and, as such, it can be accessed irrespective of the trader’s geographical position. To facilitate traders on the go, Coin2fx also has a mobile application, which can be downloaded and installed in the mobile. After logging in, one can access all the facilities.

A wide array of assets to trade

The broking platform of Coin2fx was designed with a focus on CFD trading and transactions in forex and cryptocurrencies. However, the broker also offers a wide range of other assets like commodities, stocks, indices etc. CFD is very popular among investors as there is no need to own an asset. As such, the trader can make high profits with low investment. However, as the profit depends on how best the trader can keep track of the price movement, it is also fraught with high risk. Coin2fx plays a key role in providing the trader with the facilities required to keep abreast of all the market news and real-time monitoring.

In forex trading besides the reputed international currency pairs, it also gives access to exotic currencies such as Hong Kong and Singapore Dollars, Turkish Lira, South African Rand etc.  Another popular feature is that the platform provides the facility for using a wide range of global currencies, which can be used to trade in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, indices, stocks, coffee, wheat, corn, platinum, silver, gold and gas and oil.

A secure trading environment

Online trading is a virtual world and, as such, traders look for a platform where they can invest without the fear of losing their money to security breaches. Coin2fx takes special care to maintain a secure environment for trading.  The platform has integrated 256-bit SSL encryption for keeping all data encrypted. Coin2fx also advises its clients to use strong passwords and change it often so as to prevent unauthorized access to their accounts. The money invested by the client is kept separated from the company’s operating accounts by keeping it with investment grade banks and monitored diligently.
In order to prevent financial irregularities the broker has Know Your Customer (KYC) and International Money Laundering (AML) policies in place. This ensures that the information, assets and accounts of the investor are kept safe. At the time of registration the clients have to submit all necessary documents for verification of the client’s identity.

Easy Payment Methods

Hassle-free deposit and withdrawal of money is an important feature of a broking platform that makes the trader comfortable. In Coin2fx platform the trader has the option to deposit money through any of the popular methods such as credit and debit cards as it supports Visa and MasterCard or one can resort to wire transfers. The funding is done instantly into the account. While withdrawing the money is credited seamlessly to the same source as used for payment.

Dedicated customer support service

Looking at the complexities and the dynamics of online trading, it is but a fool’s dream to assume the process will always be free of any issues. There are many broker platforms where clients have to wait for an irritatingly long period of time to get answers to their queries. The team of Coin2fx provides dedicated customer service, which has resulted in a growing bunch of satisfied customers.


In view of the above it is obvious that for the intelligent trader the search for a reliable broking platform ends with Coin2fx.