Commercial Safes for Jewelry Stores

If you’re the owner of a jewelry store in the US, you’ll need to secure your most prized items in a high security safe designed for commercial use, otherwise you could be at risk of having items of value stolen. Research shows that of the almost 20,000 jewelry stores in the US today, most have as much as $500,000 worth of inventory on the premises, which is a significant amount.

Of course, high security commercial safes can be used by a variety of other businesses and industries, too, and to store much more than just jewelry; items such as:

  • Important documents
  • Hard drives containing valuable data
  • Large sums of cash
  • Precious metals
  • Firearms and ammunition

Should you invest in a fire resistant commercial safe?

Sold with a fire rating, a fire resistant commercial safe can withstand a fire of a specific temperature, for a certain amount of time, and while some fire-resistant safes also come with a UL listing, not all do. The UL listed seal indicates that the product has been tested to nationally recognized safety standards.

Should you install your commercial jewelry safe yourself?

While there are some UL listed commercial safes that weigh less than 500 pounds, most weigh an average of 2,777 pounds, and for that, you’ll definitely need a safe specialist to deliver and install the safe for you. With the right tools and equipment, they can install the safe without causing any harm to anything or anyone; you might be surprised to learn how many injuries are caused by inexperienced people attempting to move and/or install large, high security safes. Even if you can lift and move the safe yourself, having it professionally installed will help to give you the peace of mind that it has been installed correctly, and will perform its role as it should.

Safe installers are trained to use tools that make the installation process as safe as possible, such as:

Slick slides – this floor covering is put in place by the safe installers to protect the floor of your business from getting scratched or damaged as the safe is slid into place.

Stair climbers – this specially designed hydraulic dolly enables heavy safes to be hoisted up and down stairs, one step at a time for the ultimate in safety.

Having a safe professionally installed, also helps you to ensure that should a burglar get inside your jewelry store undetected at any time, they aren’t able to try and get into the safe by picking it up and dropping it, knocking it over, pushing it down a flight of stairs, or even making off with it.

If you’re searching for high security safes for your jewelry store, or for any type of business, reach out to your local safe supplier and installer for more guidance.