Common Q & A’s When Upgrading to an Automated Packaging Machine

If you are currently considering switching to an automated shrink-wrapping machine like many others before you there has probably been some questions flying around your brain, including questions surrounding machine’s designs and functionalities, energy bills, maintenance and more. When speaking to a leading supplier of shrink tunnels and chamber shrink wrappers we found that many individuals using them typically asked the same questions as one another and this has led to this post.

Today we are here to share a list of questions that you may have at this stage, alongside answers, so that you can hopefully gain the information that you need to make the best decision for you and your company. Here goes:

What enclosure options are available with shrink bundling?

Some of the available enclosure options available with shrink bundling, depending on the applications and the goals of a package include bull’s eye, total natural enclosure, total enclosure, single tight wrap, single tight band, double tight wrap and more!

What film type is used to create final packs?

LDPE otherwise known as low density polythene is the most commonly used film for distribution packs. This film is generally chosen due to its great flexibility and abilities to achieve various enclosures whilst providing superior package protection, a dust/moisture barrier and in some cases enhanced aesthetics.

Are there additional options available with shrink bundling?

There are many additional options available when shrink bundling aside from the basic, for example alternative support options are available when a product cannot sustain its own weight or when additional support is required. Other great options for products that need additional support include innovative pads and U-boards.

How much does it cost to run a heat tunnel?

The cost of running a heat tunnel largely depends on the environment that it is in and the type of product which is being run through the tunnel. However, this being said most modern heat tunnels have been designed with features that minimize energy making them very affordable to run. When using automated machinery businesses can also save money on labor costs, this is something that must not be forgotten.

Can you rent automated packaging machinery?

As well as providing consumers with the options to purchase automated packaging machinery outright some firms such as Sontex have machines which they rent out, allowing for businesses to test machines before they commit to buying them and also assisting companies which only require automated packaging machines for a small period of time.

These are only some of the most frequently asked questions that people have when looking to upgrade to automated packaging machinery, we hope that we managed to help you. If you have any more questions or feel like you need more in-depth answers regarding any of the questions above, we advise that you contact your shrink wrap supplier today who will no doubt be delighted to assist you further.