Common signs it’s time to visit the hair salon

Changing up your hairstyle is something that should be fun and showcase your growing personality and life. After all, no one wants to look in the mirror or back at photos and not feel that they looked their best. Regardless of what reason you have to change up your look, here are common signs it’s time to visit your favorite hair salon.

Your hairstyle is outdated –

We all loved Friends, and Sweet Home Alabama but those Rachel and Reese days are over. If your hairstyle is outdated it’s time to get a refresh. Go for a new bob, a fresh set of bangs, or grow out a short do into something medium or long length.

Your hairstyle has stayed the same for 5+ years –

We love to look back on photos from years ago, but let’s face it if your hair looks the same – you need to visit your hair salon ASAP!

You have terrible outgrowth/roots –

Some people can pull off the outgrowth (aka roots) look but others simply can’t. If your hair is blonde and your roots are coming in black, it’s time to go to your hairstylist and get a touch-up.

You can’t seem to get it to style so you throw it in a ponytail –

If you’re having trouble styling your hair or spend hours trying to get it to do what it’s supposed to… only to throw it in a ponytail because you’re frustrated – it’s time to get into your hair salon.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a ponytail but if it becomes a go-to due to frustration with your hair, you either need a trim or a new style altogether.

You start to look like your mother – or worse grandma! –

When people compare you to your mother or your grandma, regardless of how great they look, it can be a bit embarrassing and time for a new do.

No one wants to look like their parents and if they’re trying to keep their youth by looking like you, then it’s up to you to change that around.

You notice split ends are taking over –

Split ends are the easiest way to know that it’s time to get into your hair salon for a touch-up. Split ends mean that your hair is unhealthy and it’s going to stop growing.

Not getting these taken care of could mean your next haircut ends up a lot shorter than you imagined just to ensure your dead ends are out of the way. Get in now before it’s too late!