Common Website Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2021


A website is the backbone of a business. In this pandemic, more and more people and preferring to access a business via a website than making a personal visit. If your website has a flawless design, then it will create a good impression on your customers. 

It increases the chances of them making the desired action for your business. However, there are a few common website design mistakes that prevent a business from gaining the desired outcome. Let us see what they are. 

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Absence of Design-Thinking Approach 

A lot of website designers do not implement the website design with a design thinking approach. They work with an assumption about users instead of carrying out extensive “user research”. In this way, it will prevent them to understand the requirements of users. 

The design-thinking process understands as well as identifies needs and motivations and customers. Professionals at web design Tamworth consider factors such as goals, business features, project scope, user requirements, technological abilities, effectiveness, and solution feasibility to come up with the best website design. This mindset empathizes with the customers, learns about issues, and develops solutions to solve them.

Not Prioritising Columns and Grids 

The technology used to develop a website is changing at a fast pace. However, some designers are still sticking to the old ways of content organization i.e., using a float, flexbox, breakpoints, etc.

They overlook the potential of CSS columns and grids that plays an important role in the development of a responsive and well-constructed website design. CSS grids, floats, flexbox, and breakpoints are important for the website design. 

Absence of Intuitive Navigation and Accessibility

Brainstorming, wireframing, and sitemap are some of the common design mistakes made in website design. The poorly configured navigation layout and website menu can drive away website visitors as it makes them difficult to scroll through a randomly structured website. 

Good websites group arrange categories in a hierarchical method to enable users to easily navigate the website intuitively.

Text size, page titles, image alternate text, colour contrasts, moving and blinking contents like carousels, ads, keyboard accessibility, auto playing videos, tickers, and scrolling news feeds, are critical website components from the point of accessibility. A good website design takes it into the consideration to improve the accessibility of a website. 

Not Adhering to Security-First Approach

The security of a website also holds a lot of importance. A website that has implemented security protocols and provides secure gateways appeals to people. It is also necessary that the website design should be consistent as well as responsive throughout devices and browsers to provide an omnichannel experience. 


These are the top mistakes that a website designer makes. They can prevent the business from reaching its goal. If you want success in converting visitors, then you should avoid these mistakes.