“Compromise” by Wendy Halo is the one you should not be missing

Wendy Halo is thrilled to announce “Compromise” which is Wendy’s next single to be released from the album and will be the first song to be put out in collaboration with Torimiro.

Wendy Halo is an international pop/R&B artist who is currently positioned at number 1 in Spain on the Reverbnation music charts. She is quickly rising globally as well, at position 3. Formerly working in the corporate world with a large company, Wendy is now using her beauty and brains to create soulful pop music. Now based in Marbella, Spain, the artist has been working hard to produce her debut EP. The original song that started it all, “High Life”, was written by her partner about her “attitude” and her refusal to accept less than the best. Wendy’s exotic look and passionate vocals offer her audience an unparalleled listening experience.

‘Compromise’ has the ability to be yet another brave song recorded in Wendys’ voice. Here are the links to the single and Music Video :

Link to the single:


Link to the Music Video:


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