Convert video in mp4 and then download it straight to your system

By gone the era of television when people usually had wait for their favorite show or song to get aired, at present you have a choice to see and hear whatever you like. With the power of internet you can watch videos from various websites at great ease. To watch a video one has to log into a particular web portal every time. On the contrary, you can download videos in mp4 to your computer. This process will help you to watch the video over and over again without any hurdle.

Few questions which come in the mind of users

After all why should you download video in mp4?

One of the best features of mp4 video format is that it is widely accepted in every other platform which you can think of. This video format offer even high picture quality as 1080p and videos have less size in comparison to other formats. Thus, you can easily keep large number of these videos in your computer or on external hard disks. In case, you want to acquire such facilities then it is recommended to visit right away.

Would you be able to download videos from various social networks?

Of course you only have to copy-paste the link on the website and click on the convert button. The video will start to convert in mp4 format and then you can download it from the portal. Furthermore, it is completely legal to convert and download videos in mp4 format, thus you do not have to worry about a thing. 

What about the privacy issues?

When you use service of video conversion over the internet then there is nothing to worry about viruses and worms. Mp4 video conversion and downloading websites are SSL protected and they also follow confidentiality norms. Thus, your identity will not be disclosed to any of the third parties.