CRAH, CRAC, And AC: 4 Technologies For Sustaining Temperature

Server rooms and data centres have a mix of both hot and cool temperatures due to the server fans and some cooling systems, such as a closed control unit. It needs to be maintained, or the equipment can run a higher risk of failure, resulting in connection interruption, sudden shutdown, or data loss.

The highly recommended temperature within server rooms and data centres should remain between 89.6°F and 59°F and should not exceed. To help maintain the level of coolness inside, here are some technologies worth investing in to ensure the condition of servers and hardware.

  1. CRAC units.

Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) functions as an air conditioner. It can adapt to the temperature, adjust to the humidity level, and distribute airflow evenly within the room. CRAC has the ability to pick up the heat coming from server units and blow cool air after.

  1. CRAH systems.

The computer room air handler (CRAH) is different from CRAC units. CRAC utilises electricity and mechanical refrigeration, while CRAH units come with a cooling coil containing cold water to cool down the temperature. But like CRAH, it can also sustain static pressure, temperature, and humidity levels.

  1. Air conditioning units.

Air conditioning is also functional for server rooms and data centres, like CRAH and CRAC systems. The air conditioner blows cool air through a refrigerant and mechanical refrigeration.

  1. Close control units.

Like CRAC, CRAH, and air conditioners, it can also control the precision of temperature and humidity within server rooms, data centres, laboratories, telecommunication rooms, and the like. Another reason why a close control unit is a good investment is that it comes with air filtration. It can get rid of air pollutants or airborne particles.

CRAH, CRAC, air conditioning, and close control units are worthy investments, and here is why. Balancing the air temperature within server units, hardware, and other equipment is crucial. The higher the temperature, the higher the chances of server failure and data loss.

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