Creating a 100% Green Nursery

A plant nursery is one of the rarest places where you can feel the blessedness of nature. The tender stems are rising, signaling a new beginning. The air that blows over them to you is also fresh as the morning dew on green fields. Nature is undeniable in a nursery. Thus, everything that should be done in a nursery should be environmentally friendly. That should begin from the seedlings and get to the nursery environment, the watering system, and even the plant containers.

  • Get Eco-Friendly Plant Containers

You cannot be in a green earth field and keep investing in materials that make a bad contribution to the earth. Stop using plastic bags and pots. Get pots made from natural and organic substances. Or you could get a manufacturer to help you produce them in bulk. Molded pulp is a good choice to go for. The reason is that it can naturally disintegrate into the soil; hence, no need to remove them before planting. That also prevents instances where the soil breaks around the tender shoot during transplanting. The pots are durable and often have breathing spaces. While plastics are not biodegradable, molded pulp plant containers are.

  • Allow for natural ventilation

When considering where to plant your stuff, you should make arrangements for natural ventilation. You want your plants to get good ventilation, where there is an abundance of CO2, and they can give the natural freshness of oxygen. While you can improve some ways of getting some things done, healthy plants can only result from the right environmental conditions, including proper air circulation.

  • Irrigation System:

For irrigation, naturally occurring water sources are the best. Water from nature exists in about the purest form that would benefit a plant. If a plant would thrive in a particular location, it must be able to adapt to the virtues of nature. Hence, it is best to use naturally occurring water to take care of your plants. Do not use chemically-treated water for irrigation. Let them have all the natural minerals that the water can give in nature’s ratio.

  • Do You Consider Compost?

If you are growing a species of plant that needs fertilizer to come out well, go for the naturally existing one. Compost is the best organic fertilizer you can ever get. The earlier stages of growth are crucial in determining the stature and stamina of a plant. Organic manure or compost is the best way to go. Chemicals are not earth-friendly. They contain some elements that can contaminate soil or other soil-dependent activities you carry out on the farm, especially when eroded.