Cycling for Beginners

The sound of the rubber as it kisses the asphalt, the smell of fresh air, wind in your hair and the sun shining on your face… Some may shake their heads no when you tell them you’re going on a bike tour. Yes, they can do that until they experience the thrill of riding a bike. You get to see the wonders of nature and do a powerful cardio workout as you will get a boost in strength from biking, especially your lower body.

Cycling is so easy to fit into your daily routine like riding to the shops to get your morning coffee or going to school or work.

Now, the real question is: what’s not fun about cycling? May it be an uphill, downhill, rolling terrain, or on flat ground, it is indeed a great experience, keeping people fit and healthy.

However, cycling can be really overwhelming when you are just starting out. First-time cycling is a bit more difficult that is why it is always recommended to start learning while you are still young. But that does not mean this is not for all ages!

Nowadays, you will see more and more riders on the trails and you have to keep in mind the do’s and don’ts about the activity. In line with that, the following are simple tips for beginners that will help you ride better and safer.

  • Protect yourself – This means you will need to wear the proper attire – cycling helmet, cycling shorts, caps and glasses, mitts, and gloves.
  • Get the proper bike fit – You will need to use a bike that is properly set up to fit your body as it will be easier for you to ride or navigate it.
  • Don’t ride with earphones on – It can be really dangerous if you don’t hear an emergency vehicle or other commotions happening behind you or off to the side. You will need to stay alert when you are on the road.
  • Know the rules – Be mindful and obey all the road signs.
  • Keep your head up – Lookout in front far enough to see any obstacles in the road so you can anticipate how you can react to it, if there are any.

If you follow these tips, it will be a more enjoyable ride for you.

There are so many amazing adventures in store for you so move that body of yours now. No matter what age you are, now is the right time to start with the basics until you become an expert cyclist!