Declutter your home with these 6 bathroom storage solutions

Sometimes all you need is a little decluttering to make a space feel and look larger than it is. This can be especially true for small spaces like bathrooms that don’t have a lot of storage options. So, what should you do with these extra items?

Here are 6 ways to declutter your bathroom with storage solutions.

Bathroom vanities

If your bathroom vanity does not have a drawer or a shelving option, and your budget does not allow you to replace it, you can simply add in shelves on the walls around or get a shelf/cubby stand. By adding a shelf on the floor next to your vanity you’re creating added space where you can store your makeup, hair tools, lotion, mouth wash, or other items without adding clutter.

Use awkward space –

Do you have an odd-shaped ceiling in the corner of your room or an oddly shaped wall? An easy way to use this space for good is to turn it into a hanging wall with shelves that can hold extra toilet paper, towels, or even decorations that are clogging up space on your bathroom vanity.

Add baskets where you can –

A cute way to create storage within your bathroom is to add baskets wherever you can. Baskets work with all decor styles and can create simple storage solutions around your shower, tub, toilet, or under your sink.

Add a wheelable cart –

Another simple storage solution is to purchase a bathroom cart that is on wheels. This will allow you to move it around the room and store it where there’s a bit more space.

Towel rack –

A cute decor trend you may have noticed is a towel rack. A towel rack can add extra storage solutions to your bathroom by allowing you to eliminate the towels in a hallway or bedroom closet so you can use that space for other necessities.

Add a rack over your toilet –

Probably the easiest way to add a storage solution to a small space is by adding a rack over your toilet. You can find many racks in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Be sure to measure your toilet and space beforehand so you know which options you have available to you when you’re browsing a home showroom or home improvement store.