Deep nude AI: how to create realistic nude images? 

Recently, the problem of using artificial intelligence for disinformation has become increasingly acute worldwide. Today, we face another expansion of horizons. New deepfake software based on deep nude AI Nudify uses neural networks to remove clothes from photographs and, in some cases, allows you to create realistic nude photographs of the fair sex.

The popularity of AI nudifiers

Today, many freely available projects and applications can be used to create deepfakes. Such services like Nudify or Deep Nude, used for generating undress photos, are based on AI technologies. Ethics aside, deepfake technology is very cool. Neural networks are progressing, and it is already possible to create high-quality close-up videos, which previously seemed like a complex, long, and expensive process. Now, this is already available to such an extent that there are guides that teach ordinary users how to change faces in 18+ videos to any others. So, neural network is an industry that has always generated innovations. Nudify is already actively used for generating undress photos of celebrities. Nude photos of Gal Gadot, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Kendall Jenner leaked nudes and other celebrities are among the most popular.

More about Nudify functionality

The Nudify app needs to be downloaded and installed on a PC. After installing, it downloads the accompanying libraries for a few more minutes. The basic version is free, but there are some nuances. Working with Nudify is extremely simple, you just need to go into it and then upload a photo of a completely different girl. After uploading the image, the photo is processed in the program, and if among 10 thousand naked bodies of girls, there is a suitable one for the photo that was uploaded, then the user receives an image of a naked representative of the fair sex with the face that he uploaded. During the processing, the algorithm brands the finished images with a huge watermark.