Designing Your Own Fire Fighting Coins

The fire fighting department is comprised of valiant, astute, alert and sharp individuals. They are extensively trained and work diligently to save others. They perform noble tasks while risking their own lives.

Firefighters have to constantly work as one, in solidarity. One thing that drives them and addresses their achievements are custom coins. Responders Pro firefighter coins are custom made to reflect a particular station or event. They very subtly manifest what the particular team is like; its values, logo, etc. They are designated to deserving individuals on special occasions as a merit.

A fighting coin very much exhibits your workforce, worth and everything that you and your team are. Hence, since you have the luxury to design a personalized coin; ensure you do it right!

Here are a few aspects to consider when designing coins for your department:

1] Find Your Perfect Symbol

Your symbol represents you. Maltese cross is a very good example of how a symbol should be. You could collate all the fire tools like ladder, helmet etc. and scramble them up for your symbol.

2] Bold Colours

It has been psychologically proven that colours greatly impact branding. Food industry makes use of orange and yellow hues, blue is used usually for; blue is linked with dependability and so on. When designing your coin for firefighting, make sure you choose bold colours. Red is a traditional yet convenient colour to choose, since it reflects danger, attention, and can be immediately paired with fire fighting.

3] Tell Your Story

The entire purpose of letting you customize your coin is so that you can tell your story. Adding motto or a special phrase to your coin makes it special. Imagery is a major part of the coin but words can be very impactful as well.

4] Make It Your Own

After you have a specific design in mind, you can go on adding elements to the coin that point towards personal mementos of your team. It could be an inside joke, a landmark or anything that is limited only to your team.

Challenge coins fill the comrades with a sense of pride in themselves and serve as a great motivator. It binds them together to work and achieve the goal. The coin should be such that a glimpse of it should pump up the spirit of a team mate and help him work with immense adroitness and finesse.