An average person’s shelter is their home.  It is where they get comfortable and where they feel safe from any hindrance that may happen outside. One of the primary protection in their house is the roof. Where it serves as the mainline of security where the family inside takes refuge in. Especially when the sun gets too warm, when the rain gets too hard, or when the winter season gets too cold.

However, giving a thought to concern about the roof is not an everyday thing of an average person. People tend to get too comfortable trusting that it can protect them until the end. Not until when problems started happening. That is why there are only a few people who know the difference between residential and commercial roofs. Only rare non-roofer hasan idea thatwill perfectly fit their house. There are times when they jumbled the two up and used the wrong material for their humble abode. Assuming that it will just do the same but only has a difference instructure.

What makes residential and commercial roofs similar is that both give absolute protection for the people. Nonetheless, significant differences still exist. Knowing the truth wouldn’t hurt; it canbe helpful when the time for installation and maintenance comes. And this has been what roofing contractors have been instructing throughout the years to avoid problems.

Metal roofs in Florida’s urban area have been the mainstream, and residential and commercial roofs are also increasing in popularity. But a homeowner must know first both of the material’s dissimilarity, before installing and replacing your ragged roof.

To help you out, Universal Contracting FL, one of the most entrusted company roofer in Naples, Florida, created and designed the infographic below. Which includes informative details about the differences between residential and commercial roofs. Scroll down below to learn more: