Different kinds of sofas

Choosing the right furniture is very important to give beauty to the home. In this modern time, people give a lot of importance to the décor of the home and furniture plays an important part in it. When it comes to furniture, the sofa can be a focal point in a bedroom and living room. Just there is a need to choose a unique and attractive sofa. In the old times, the sofas were only used for sitting and they were not available in the special styles. But today, there are different kinds of sofas available in the markets. Each kind has its own beautiful and luxurious appearance. The modern market has enriched with many new designs of sofas that not only provide comfort but they are aesthetically appealing as well.

Kinds of Sofas

Do you want to know what are the trendy styles of sofas nowadays? Which one can be the best choice for your space? Read the explanation below.

  • Chesterfield

If you are looking for the classic décor sofa or piece for the home then the chesterfield sofa is your requirement. If you want to replace your old sofa with a new sofa, still you can consider a chesterfield sofa because it can be set in any type of décor. Comfort is a key when you buy a new sofa and a chesterfield sofa offers comfort. The arms have the same height as the back and this sofa has deep button tufting. They have a long life because of the durable leather upholstery.

  • Bridgewater

A Bridgewater sofa is another important kind of sofa. The arms are rolled to the side. The back of the sofa is slightly higher than the arms. This style of sofa is popular among those people who want to give the traditional touch to the room. Bridgewater sofa works well in the traditional setting. You can go with rayon and velvet for a more traditional setting.

  • Chaise Longue

Chaise longue has earned great fame in a short time. This sofa is perfect for the bedroom. They are available in two styles. One style offers a single arm and another style offers no arms. Many people keep this sofa in the space only for the décor. But, if you are thinking that they are not comfortable then you are wrong. They provide comfort and you can relax on them.

  • Loveseat

If you are a couple who just move in together in a new house then the loveseat is your answer. This sofa is recommended for the couple and the house that have a small family. Loveseat is versatile and available in a lot of colors. The loveseat can be fit in the dining room, bedroom, living room or any space because of their compact size. The loveseat does not attract dust and it requires low maintenance. If you have pets in the home then the loveseat is the perfect solution for your space.

  • Camelback

The camelback sofa has exposed wood legs as well as exposed wood on the top of the back. This kind of sofa is recognized by the graceful lines of its dramatically arched back. The camelback sofa is suitable for the classic, ornate and modern settings. Whether it is home or office, a camelback sofa can fit in any space. The softness and comfort of the camelback sofas upholstery make them more worthwhile. By adding two or three cushions, you can make your camelback sofa more comfortable.

  • Divan

Divan sofa has no support for the back. However, this sofa has arms. Having no back gives this sofa a unique style. For back support, you can place this sofa against the wall and put cushions on it. Divan sofa is versatile and available in a lot of styles and colors. They can fit well in any kind of décor.

  • Sectional

A sectional sofa is also known as a multi-piece sofa. The common no. of pieces are 3. This sofa is a perfect solution if your family is large. You can increase the sitting capacity with the sectional sofa. You can add as many pieces as you want according to the size of the space.