Diving with 1,000 Fishes in Wakatobi

At low tide ships at a harbor in Wakatobi, hover in one foot of water awaiting various owners to complete their morning ritual of coffee or tea. The sun is rising from the distance to the right as we motor out from the port of Tomia Island. I admit I am curious and obsessed with my first glimpse diving in Wakatobi, a collection of famous islands for their clean water and remarkable biodiversity. It’s only around five minutes into our first dive site the captain informs us with the donning of wetsuits, the fitting of fins to foot ensues. 

A cursory look over the face of the ship to check the conditions before we get in reveals very little; however, the sea’s dark blue color here implies depth, once in the water gentle flow of us pinnacle to a confluence of electrons. A college of 20-pound jackfish flanked by two large trevallies materializes and dart in bait ball formation 30 feet beneath the surface. Small baitfish scurry closer to the face their iridescent blue scales grabbing the morning light. I dip beneath again and fall after collapse they don’t only tolerate our presence, but almost seem slightly interested sink from the outside, attempting not to disturb their ranks. 

They swirl and encircle me by using their own volition as I progressively, but behind each mask is a surreal sight. Our underwater movements seem weathered and suspended. Underwater we cannot yell to one another, profound with a wonderland of fan coral pairs of crinkling eyes that matches the joyous smile on my own. Our second dive brings us to some put 60 legs deep with a wonderland of fan coral. We eventually stop pointing at. We ultimately stop looking at. Turtles and a few barracudas drift by. We finally quit looking at one another every time we’ll see something brand new and enjoy the genius of nature. Occasionally happiness requires no words. Fantastic matter, because here in Wakatobi mainly, speechless, wide-eyed, and enthusiastic appears to be our completely new ordinary.

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