Does Your Dog Need Health Insurance?


I am sure you love your dog and you take good care of it just like you care about any other family member. In that case, you should definitely consider getting health insurance for your canine friend if you haven’t done it so far. Through pet insurance, you will protect both your dog and yourself, as the owner while also avoiding huge medical bills if your puppy falls sick or gets injured.

Can Your Dog Have Health Insurance?

The answer to this question is, obviously, yes. Make sure to do your research and choose the best dog insurance company and the most suitable dog insurance policy that covers all the potential sicknesses and accidents that can occur.

Having health insurance for your puppy helps you protect it from potential injuries and will keep it healthy during its entire lifetime. This type of pet policy is a viable solution for preventive care purposes.

Does Your Dog Need Health Insurance?

All pets, including dogs, need health insurance because they can suffer from many possible injuries, diseases, or accidents. From sprains and ear infections to swallowed toys and cancer, dogs and owners alike can deal with a number of problems that can be covered by specific health insurance plans.

Based on the treatment that’s needed to heal your dog, the annual insurance cost will vary. In all cases, your yearly savings will make the insurance fee totally worth it.

Why Does Your Dog Need Health Insurance?

If you love your puppy, you will be willing to go above and beyond to make sure it benefits from the best possible care. This includes time and money investments in your pet’s health like spending time with it and take it to the vet when needed or for regular check-ups. Another way to prove your love for your dog is by providing it with healthy and nutritious food and a comfy place to sleep.

Your furry friend is the most reliable companion you will ever have because it loves you unconditionally so, getting health insurance for it should be included among the basic and essential things that a pet owner does for his or her dog.

Here are the main reasons why you need dog health insurance as soon as you buy or adopt a new puppy:

  • The premium will be lower at first based on the pet’s age but other factors like location or breed could also be taken into consideration by the insurance company;
  • Most pet insurances don’t cover pre-existing health conditions that your dog might have but it covers future issues. For that reason, it is wise to get insurance as soon as you welcome your puppy into the family;
  • Puppies tend to chew or swallow things they shouldn’t like pillows and other foreign bodies. Surgeries are expensive and they are often needed when it comes to young dogs. Based on your pet insurance plan, you will recover at least 70% of the cost;
  • Dog insurance could cover other expenses such as neutering or vaccines;
  • Insurance is also good for life-long conditions like allergies and diabetes.

Is Dog Insurance Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it, especially if you love your dog and see it as part of your family. You would certainly make this kind of commitment for your brother, sister, mother, or daughter so, why not do it for your puppy as well?!

A good insurance provider will offer comprehensive plans that cover a wide range of problems like:

  • Illnesses and accidents;
  • Hospitalization and emergency situations;
  • Surgeries and specialized care;
  • Treatment and prescription meds;
  • Dental and gum issues;
  • Hereditary conditions;
  • Behavioral problems;
  • Reimbursements for holistic or alternative therapies; etc.

All these coverings will help you save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on medical bills at the vet. Another major benefit that a great pet health insurance provider offers is a higher reimbursement rate of around 90%.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Insurance Company

Here are some important things to remember when searching for a pet insurance provider:

  • Your dog’s age – insurance costs might be higher for older dogs;
  • Any pre-existing conditions – not all companies cover these problems;
  • Coverage limits – some companies offer limited benefits while others provide unlimited coverage.


If you agree that getting dog insurance is a good idea that helps you save money and keep your puppy healthy and happy, then it is time to choose an insurance company. Once you do that as well, the next step is doing the math and choosing a policy that’s suitable for your dog’s unique case.

One thing to remember is that pet insurance doesn’t work the same as human health insurance. Human insurance policies cover medical bills upfront while dog insurance providers require you to pay for your pet’s medical bills and apply for reimbursement afterward.