Do’s and Don’ts of Picking a Great Exhibit Location

Developing a marketing strategy for your business? If so, you shouldn’t discredit the benefits that a trade show can give you. Many businesses don’t even consider participating in a trade show or other similar event because they might think they’re too old-fashioned, and would rather explore more high-tech marketing opportunities, but they fail to realise the immense value that these fairs can bring to their business.

What is a trade show?

Trade shows, also called trade fairs, are special events where various businesses from the same or similar industries and their representatives gather to demonstrate the latest products, services, and technologies that they are involved in. Many major trade shows are held in large or noteworthy areas like convention halls or hotels.

Many things can happen at a trade show. Popular activities include workshops, demonstrations, panel discussions, award ceremonies, networking events, and much more. Since trade shows are special and rare events where members of the same trade come together, it is a rare great opportunity to market your brand to your target consumers, see the latest innovations in the industry, and connect with people from other companies.

The importance of exhibits

Planning to participate in a trade show? Then you can’t go without knowing more about exhibit booth designers and how to create a great exhibit for your trade show. An exhibition or exhibit is, in trade show terms, a space for you to present or display a concept, product, or service. They are important staples in a trade show, and you’ll often find yourself in a sea of rivals competing for the viewers’ attention. But if successful, getting the spotlight in a trade show can be an immense boon for your business?


How do I prepare for a trade show exhibit?

If you’re planning to participate in a trade show, then the design of your exhibit booth will matter a great deal. We all know that interior design matters in retail, but did you know that you can apply the various interior design principles in how you set up your exhibit. The first step to grabbing the attention of your audience is picking a good location in which to set up your exhibit. Most convention halls, arenas, and other places where trade shows are held will be spacious, and not all locations will be advantageous for you. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing a location to set up your booth.

  1. Don’t: set up your booth right next to the entrance. You might think that the area closest to the entrance would be the best place to set up due to its high visibility, but this fact may actually end up backfiring on you. Because the entrance experiences so much traffic, this area actually ends up becoming chaotic. Most people tend to end up walking farther away from the entrance to get away from the noise. The area near your booth may just end up becoming a walkway leading to other areas.
  1. Do: set up near the main aisles or stage. Take into account the layout of the hall or area. The main aisles and the corner of intersections are great places to set up because the viewers’ eyes are naturally drawn to these places. It’s not a bad idea to set up in these places.
  1. Don’t: set up too far away from the entrance. While it’s not a good idea to set up next to the entrance, conversely, it’s not a good idea to set up your exhibit too far away from the entrance either. As the attendees view more and more exhibits, their attention begins to wane. Exhibits furthest away from the entrance have less engaged attendees.
  1. Do: set up near places of note. Does your trade fair or booth have such places as food tables, restaurants, or cafes? Even setting up near points of interest like the bathrooms can attract more attention to your booth. People who have just “freshened up” tend to display more interest in the exhibits than those who haven’t


What happens after I pick my booth location?

Your mission to create a great exhibit has barely just begun. But if you’ve picked a great location for your booth already, you’ve completed one of the most important steps. Remember, having a great location won’t mean much if you don’t design your displays well. Hire a good exhibition booth designer to help you out!


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