Easy and Environment-Friendly Way to Effectively Keep Pests Away – Magnetic Fly Screens

Summers are about bright mornings, warmth and outdoor fun. Every one of us loves the summer season – so does mosquitoes and flies. The one major annoying problem with summers is tackling pests at home. Pesky flies and mosquitoes invade our home and puncture our relaxation time at home.

Those living in areas where these pests are prevalent know about the struggle involved too well – the itchy mosquito bites, the constant buzzing and risk of diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, typhoid, cholera etc. Store-bought repellents help to an extent but they have chemicals in them and spraying them inside your home is harmful to the environment.

Green way to keep pests away:

If you are looking for an easy and chemical-free solution to keep pests away, look no further than magnetic fly screens. They are so much better than DIY screens and require minimal effort on your part to install them. Purchase high quality, affordable ones at PremierScreensLtd. They have been in the business for 25 years and make prompt deliveries.

You can choose between made to measure screens or DIY kits and fit it easily according to your window dimensions. Check out their different options available and place your order today. Get the help of their customer service to choose the product of your needs. Its components include a flexible plastic frame, adhesive magnetic strips and fibreglass screen material

What makes magnetic fly screens the best choice?

  • Easy installation: Magnetic screens require effortless installation. You don’t have to drill any holes to install them. They work great for both stone and metal structures.
  • Suitable for all window shapes: Even if you have an unusual window shape, the screen covers your windows thoroughly. The DIY kits available come with frames which you can easily cut to the required window size thus delivering a perfect fit.
  • Cost-effective: The initial cost of repellents is less but they aren’t cost-effective in the long run. These screens are made of durable material and last for years.
  • Easy maintenance: Unlike other screens you won’t be required to unclip and unscrew the frame. It is easy to peel the frame. You can fix it again after washing and drying it. The easy cleaning process makes it look like brand-new for many years.
  • Saves energy: You get access to natural flow of air. The screens also block harsh sunlight in the right amount which in turn reduces the need to turn on your air conditioner thus cutting down energy bills.
  • Ample natural light: The sheer material of the screen allows ample sunlight to enter the rooms and make the room appear more spacey.
  • Easy to open and close windows: Magnetic screens peel away easily making it easy to open and close windows as and when you prefer.

Magnetic fly screens are apt for both commercial and domestic setting. It serves as an efficient solution to keep pests away compared to several other methods followed. Install magnetic fry screens at home and keep your family safe from pests.